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Synonyms for mezzo

a soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto

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the female singing voice between contralto and soprano

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While most developers including SMDC's Mezza Residences I, Ayala Land Corp.
Offerings include a selection of dates, refreshing juices, as well as hot and cold mezza with an enticing selection of salads, home-baked breads, shawarma and falafel.
This leading tenor's multifaceted voice is appreciated for its versatile colours especially in soft and mezza voce singing as well as for its powerful galvanising quality at full volume.
Summary: Mezza House overlooking the route of the Dubai Trolley and the Burj Khalifa makes for a wonderfully relaxed meal time
The fashion show portion followed with great clothing and jewelry by 3 local designers: Maritza Guevara Sanchez, Fashion and Jewelry Designer, Santa Cruz by Alexandra, and Mezza Designs.
The boom, a MEYCO Mezza telescoping unit, provides stability during spraying operations.
Mezza the hotel's Lebanese restaurant is the perfect choice for Iftar, oriental music and intimate lighting set the scene as the aroma from grilled delights and freshly baked bread filled the air.
Next up, you can toss away your chopsticks for a fork, and head over to the starters station where you will find hot and cold mezza like fatayer (Lebanese pastries typically stuffed with spinach, minced beef, or cheese), kibbeh, falafel, tabouleh, and hummus, among others.
Alvaro Mezza, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and Moshe Buchinsky, University of California, Los Angeles, and NBER, "Illegal Drugs, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes"
In Damascus, terrorists targeted Mezza Jabal 86 area with two rocket shells, causing material damage only.
Radisson Blu Hotel Cairo Heliopolis recently opened its newest venue, Mezza, with Lebanese Consul Antoine Azzam as guest of honor.
Over 300 chefs were also on hand on both days to prepare over 300 ouzie, the Arabian Gulf region's signature slow-cooked whole lamb dish, as well as 70,000 pieces of mezza appetizers, over 2,500 kilograms of rice, 21,000 kebab skewers, 3,400 kilograms of shawarma meat and 4,600 kilograms of beef and chicken amongst a host of other food.
Por su parte, la Gavrilova mostro su buena escuela, el manejo por demas adecuado de la mezza voce y, afortunadamente dado el repertorio escogido, unos pianisimos realmente deliciosos que, mas tarde leyendo el programa de mano, nos enteramos de que el New York Times califico de "sorprendentes".
The centre took home four (4) medals including gold in the Arabic Mezza category.
Se oyen voces en la Sala Matta del Museo de Bellas Artes y Gonzalo Mezza, quien presenta hasta el 9 de septiernbre en ese recinto una muestra antologica de una etapa de su produccion, comenta que los sonidos corresponden a palabras de distintas lenguas que circulan por el universo inagotable del ciberespacio.