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United States biochemist (born in Germany) who studied the metabolism of muscles (1884-1951)

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Devido ao tonus simetrico, o recem-nascido nao apresenta o uso preferencial de uma das maos para a preensao, que de inicio e reflexa (Meyerhof, 1994).
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The ultimate bearing capacity of the road slab proposed by Meyerhof is calculated with the stage 3 of the panel work, which is the limit load when the top surface appears to have a circular crack.
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Ademais, em ambito nacional a doutrina tambem ja possui relevantes pensadores, dentre os quais se destacam Ivo Gico Teixeira Junior, Bruno Meyerhof Salama, Raquel Sztajn, Decio Zylberstajn, Armando Castelar Pinheiro e Jairo Saddi.