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"The recycling of electronic waste is a new and dynamic industry that can bring more jobs and a cleaner environment here in Mexico just as it has so successfully in the state of California," Shegerian said.
There is another phenomenon associated with Marian devotion in Mexico and that is the sheer volume of pilgrims visiting these shrines.
This effort was notable in that its focus wasn't on the Middle East but on Latin America--specifically on countries that employed left-leaning governments or that were threatening to do so, such as Mexico. Though it is unknown whether ChoicePoint's database service provided anything to PAN, the company's prior engagement would cause little comfort to those familiar with its employment in the electoral processes of the United States.
"Mexico's economy continues to grow steadily in the transportation, warehousing, communications and financial services sectors, which places Mexico on the global stage with other world economies.
In 2005, this merger process became more explicit and aggressive when President Bush, Mexico's President Vicente Fox, and Canada's Prime Minister Martin launched what they call the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).
Currently, the Posadas chain operates 91 hotels under the brands Fiesta Americana Grand, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, Caesar Park and Ceasar Business in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.
rickettsii infections have been identified in southern Canada, the United States, northern Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, and Argentina (1-5).
Since then, Steve got the job at Vans and has graciously taken me on several trips to Mexico, as well as all over South America, too.
Over the past six years, foreign investors and political leaders have become accustomed to stability, even torpor, in Mexico's once volatile political economy.
The Appellate Body also rejected Mexico's procedural claim that the WTO should have refrained from ruling on the dispute until a NAFTA arbitration panel had ruled on Mexico's claim that the United States failed to comply with its NAFTA commitments.
* Power, authority, and governance: How and why the governments of Mexico and the U.S.
armed forces as of April--3,485 of them from Mexico. The Mexicans are the largest group among the 79 immigrants who have been killed in Iraq, the Pentagon says.
("Bank"), Mexico City, Mexico, a foreign bank within the meaning of the International Banking Act ("IBA"), has applied under section 10(a) of the IBA (12 U.S.C.
Having harnessed underground streams, the rulers of Teotihuacan created Mexico's first corn culture.
In June 2004, Mexico's government enacted a law requiring industrial facilities to measure, record, and report emissions of 104 chemicals that formerly were subject only to voluntary reporting.