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coneflower with flower heads resembling a Mexican hat with a tall red-brown disk and drooping yellow or yellow and red-brown rays

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(the 'Company' or 'GMV') (TSX-V: GMV) is pleased to announce that the Company has identified a prospective geophysical and geochemical target on its 100% controlled Mexican Hat Gold property located in Cochise County, SE Arizona.
In Section 3, the Mexican Hat wavelet kernel ELM is proposed, and its validity is also proved.
The Mexican hat wavelet basis function is used to design the DWT dictionary for sparse representation.
For Kuwahara Filter, sampling window was kept at default; for median filter, a radius of 5 was chosen and for Mexican Hat Filter, a radius of 3 or 4 was selected.
MIKE BUTTERS MIKE BUTTERS Bryophyllum AITS daigremontianum, also called alligator plant, mother of thousands or Mexican hat plant.
Deadhead summer bloomers such as blanket flower (Gaillardia), cosmos, and Mexican hat (Ratibida).
The folk tunes come from a range of countries, from "The Irish Washerwoman" to the "Mexican Hat Dance." They are roughly progressive in difficulty, but are all in a middle-school to high-school level technical range.
He's been an unabashed Mets fan since youth, even before his staid, lawyer father jumped off the couch and performed an impromptu Mexican hat dance in front of the television when Lenny Dykstra hit his game-winning homer in the 1986 National League championship series.
Pedunculated colonic polyps form the "Mexican hat sign." These polyps possess discrete stalks and occasionally can be observed "en face" hanging from the nondependent wall of the colon on double contrast barium enemas.
'The Laundry Blues' done to the tune of 'The Mexican Hat Dance' and 'Whose Idea Was This Dumb Hike?' to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' are only two of the fun camp song originals here.
C'mon everybody, let's do the Mexican Hat Dance for Cinco de Mayo!
They argue that the spot is no more than a byproduct of the statistical tool commonly used to examine CMB data, called the Spherical Mexican Hat Wavelets method.
Thirdly, a man at Molineux wearing a poncho, Mexican hat and false Zapata moustache coughed in my direction.
And while it's not quite the same as the here-it-is-now-off-you-go fast food from outlets such as McDonalds, it turned out to be little more than a Chili's, or Applebee's, but with its disappointment wearing a Mexican hat. It starts pretty well though.
Blues coach Dai Young added: 'We are calling him Pedro Robinson and we've bought him a Mexican hat.