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a dervish whose actions include ecstatic dancing and whirling


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And this reminder focuses on tolerance, which is the fundamental component of Mevlevi culture.
This youngest child of his family, who believes he has the blessings of Jalal al Din Muhammad Rumi, the founder of the Mevlevi Sufi order of Islam, is none other than the popular Ambassador of Turkey to Qatar HE Ahmet Demirok.
In the Mevlevi tradition, Sema represents a mystical journey of spiritual ascent through mind to the Perfect One - the Divine.
Your life and work have been guided by a profound passion to bring the past to life, to share the wisdom and beauty of traditions, to pass their messages of peace and dialogue to current and future generations, to share the depth of Mevlevi Sufi music, building on Persian and Turkish traditions, mixing this with poetry, literature and living arts across the region, she said.
As well as musical performances, the festival also hosts a collection of folk dances from around the world, a Hakawati -- a traditional storyteller -- Abul-Abed performer -- a classic character that represents old Beirut -- and Dervish dancers -- a traditional whirling dance of the Turkish Mevlevi order.
The Janissaries were generally connected to the latter through the Bektashi sufi order, while other branches of the armed forces tended to be closer to Mevlevi and later Naqshbandi tariqas.
If we juxtapose the message with the photograph of a protestor (see Figure 16), a gapulcu (a looter: Erdogan's label for protestors) whirling dervish attired in Sufi Mevlevi (a mystic Muslim follower of Mevlana) clothing with a gas mask on his face doing sema (a mystical journey through mind and love to the "perfect" by whirling in remembrance of God), we can better understand the identity of the protestors.
Mevlevi Abdul, Iman of the mosque said that there were 350 female and male students are taken Quran lesson in the mosque and claimed at least 50 students were injured during the incident.
Cem Behar returns sacral understanding of the dervish experience, insomuch as this can be known outside the Mevlevi orders continued performance of these rituals in private.
Her study focuses on the Mevlevi Sema ceremony of Turkey.
From here on the paper will attempt to trace these stages through the verses and odes in Divan-e- Shams Tabriz finding corresponding elements in the arcana of Islamic mystical philosophy (Ishq) as experienced by Mevlevi e Ma'anawi: Jalal Uddin Rumi.
Mevlevi Sufi Order - Eugene's Rumi Study Circle will offer an exploration of mystical teachings of the 13th century poet and Sufi teacher Jelaleddin Rumi, founder of the Mevlevi Sufi Order.
Du Maghreb a l'Asie centrale ont ete edifies des monuments musicaux comme les nuba-s arabo-andalouses, les ayin-s mevlevi, le radif persan ou mugam azerbaidjanais, le maqom boukharien ou khorazmien, Vonikki muqam ouigour, et bien d'autres.
According to a multiple choice questionnaire on the types of cultural heritage applied at the beginning of the programme, only nine (9) percent of the children were able to identify the six given cultural heritage types (historical buildings, antique objects, traditional houses, archaeological sites, the Mevlevi Sema Ceremony, folk tales).