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The German military leadership believed that France intended to violate Belgian neutrality, no matter what Germany did, and Schlieffen was convinced that concentrating German forces on the border with Belgium would lure French forces into invading Belgium first, in order to set up a better defensive line in the Meuse River valley.
Under cover of the snowy winter weather, Hitler massed some 25 divisions in three armies opposite the Ardennes and planned to drive through the American front, cross the Meuse River, and capture Antwerp.
After Guderian crossed the Meuse river at Sedan, he faced French forces coming up from the south.
It's all a treat to indulge in while touring the forest roads and pretty villages dotted along the Meuse river by car, bike or hiking.
Dominating this view is the Erasmus Bridge, a huge connecting point over the New Meuse river linking north and south Rotterdam.
Housequake was no exception, the beats complimenting the incredible views out over the New Meuse river and an array of bizarrely dressed dancers.
To do that, it was necessary to capture two strategically valuable hills overlooking the west bank of the Meuse River: the Cote Dame Marie and the Cote de Chatillon.
From September 2004 through July 2005, twelve large-volume water samples (230 L-260 L) were collected from the Meuse River monthly by using a conventional filter adsorption-elution method and concentrated by ultrafiltration by using a cellulose-acetate filter (nominal molecular weight limit of 10,000) under high pressure (3 bar) (22).
That place was Verdun, a city on the Meuse River which held no strategic importance.
Whether discussing Mustafa Kemal's stubborn defense at Gallipoli during the First World War, Major General Erwin Rommel's improvisations to cross the Meuse River in 1941, of Lieutenant Zvi Greengold's brave leadership by example on the Golan Heights in 1973 Yom Kippur War, decisive combat leadership was pivotal to the outcome of a critical battle.
When they met on 16 August, the British commander, through a translator, asked the French commander if he thought the Germans were going to cross the Meuse River at Guy.