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It is deservedly famous for its Sachertorte, a type of chocolate cake invented for Prince Wenzel von Metternich by the hotel's founder, Franz Sacher, in 1832.
"Everything from what athletes wear and consume to how they recover has continued to evolve," said Metternich. "We didn't see anyone transferring that same level of innovation and consideration into what athletes apply on their skin.
Henry Kissinger unforgettably described Metternich in "A World Restored," his 1957 Harvard doctoral dissertation: "His genius was instrumental, not creative, he excelled at manipulation, not construction." Metternich was a man who "preferred the subtle maneuver to the frontal attack" and sometimes "confused policy with intrigue." Does that sound like anyone who visited Washington this week?
Irredentist and pugnacious nationalism succeeded the era of Metternich. The existing Brussels system may not be substituted by such a violent setting, however, this 'transition' will stabilize in a comprehensively different arrangement.
A los ojos del gran politologo austriaco Clemente de Metternich, al leer las leyes sustantivas que ultimamente ha dictado la ALDF, asi como el Programa General de Desarrollo Urbano que nos pretenden heredar, se conocera la poca moral del gobierno capitalino y del bloque de legisladores que las auspiciaron.
Straub's heroes are Metternich and Bismarck, and his villains nationalists, liberal bleeding-hearts, and, nearly without exception, the British.
The Sacher Torte (BD2.500) similarly was another mouthwatering marvel (historical fact 2: one of the most famous Viennese chocolate culinary specialties invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna) and don't miss out on the mighty Perry Macaroon (BD2) either.
'It's one of the first times that you have such green competition at an election, which is really wonderful,' observes Frieda Metternich, a policy advisor for the London-based think tank Green Alliance.
Although fears of bombing subsided after the armistice and during the occupation, Metternich, in an imaginary interview with our off-screen narrator, cites the bombings of London and Rotterdam as evidence that the danger persists--a point made eerily literal in the fictitious shot of a bomber making his way inexplicably between two long arms of the Louvre.
As Prince Metternich, Dupuis makes a suitably angry and evil anti-French Austrian diplomat.
While diplomatic greats of the past like Metternich, Palmerston and Talleyrand set down the basic shape Europe was to take at this congress, it was also then that the balances on which the Ottoman state was to base its existence also came about.
In 2012 the parent company Pierre Lang Holdings was placed in voluntary liquidation and purchased later that year by Count Metternich through his German venture capital company SMB.
He is often identified as a "realist," whose primary influences were Metternich, Bismarck and Machiavelli, a label he rejects.
Writing in 1793, the Prussian philosopher Friedrich von Gentz--a fixture of the Berlin Enlightenment, a student of Kant, and some years later Metternich's chief advisor at the Congress of Vienna--warned that the revolutionaries were planning to foist a terrible form of religious tyranny onto Europe:
Professor Jarrett is fascinated by the personalities who worked to achieve these outcome and he describes vividly the relationships among the three principal actors, Viscount Castlereagh of England, Prince Metternich of Austria and Czar Alexander I of Russia.