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beta blocker (trade name Lopressor) used in treating hypertension and angina and arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction

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Phenoxybenzamine therapy was initiated along with continuing metroprolol for blood pressure and rate control.
Common beta-blockers include metroprolol ( Lopressor, Toprol XL), atenolol (Tenormin), carvedilol (Coreg), nadolol (Corgard) and propranolol (Inderal).
His home medications include: namenda 5 mg po daily, lasix 40mg po bid, potassium chloride 20 mEq po daily, spiriva 1 puff daily, advair 50/250 mg 1 puff daily, and metroprolol 25 mg po bid.
These gains were partially offset by lower metroprolol, clonidine and meclizine sales and the impact of U.S.
(Bangalore, India) was cleared to sell metroprolol tartrate injection, the generic equivalent of Novartis AG's Lopressor, used in the treatment of heart attack.
Los pacientes reconocen estar tomando medicamentos para la hipertension como: verapamilo, enalapril, captopril y metroprolol, entre otros; sin embargo, varios mencionan medicamentos que no son especificos para esta enfermedad, y otros no recuerdan los nombres, simplemente mencionan las pastas por su tamano o por el color.
Despite the increased guidance for the full year, Par now seas significant competition in the fourth quarter for its drugs propranolol, fluticasone and metroprolol in which treat hypertension, asthma and heart disease, respectively.