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Synonyms for metropolitan

Synonyms for metropolitan

of, in, or belonging to a city

Words related to metropolitan

in the Eastern Orthodox Church this title is given to a position between bishop and patriarch

Related Words

a person who lives in a metropolis

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Duck's most singular claim about Chichele concerned his metropolitical relations with the papacy.
Before that, Wales was unjustly under the metropolitical oversight of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
After Macclesfield's death in 1694 Lucy's complaints triggered a 'metropolitical' visitation by the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Tillotson.
But it cannot be maintained that it is the only form of the church to be found in the early centuries, even if it represents an ecclesiology that was enormously resilient, and eventually gained universal acceptance (though, like Minerva's owl, only this ecclesiology was beginning to adapt itself metropolitical structures--for which there is evidence earlier than Zizioulas cares to admit).