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a colorless and odorless toxic oil used as an insecticide

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Tabassum, Determination of toxicity of neem extract, cypermethrin and methyl parathion against Tribolium castaneum, Proc.
For investigating reliability of developed method different concentrations of pesticide (methyl parathion) were added to sample and mean of analytical recoveries was recorded.
Simultaneous degradation of the pesticides methyl parathion and chlorpyrifos by an isolated bacterial consortium from a contaminated site.
In the test, p-nitrophenol, which is the hydrolysis product of methyl parathion, is used as reagent during the measurements for the system stability, which includes multisensors stability test, different input light intensity stability test, and long term stability test.
Resulting in the identification of the pesticide 1 (methyl parathion) in the dataset 11, the pesticide two (Chlorpyrifos) in 36 and the pesticide 3 (Phenthoate) at 71.
Enzyme activity was determined by measuring the formation of 3,5,6- trichloro-2-pyridyl (TCP) the product of chlorpyrifos at a wavelength of around 320 nm and by measuring the formation of -nitrophenol at a wavelength of 405 nm in the case of methyl parathion. An increase in TCP was monitored up till 2 h with an interval of 10 min between each reading.
In a system containing lindane, methyl parathion and carbofuran in mixture, it was possible to reach a microbrial degradation efficiency up to the concentration of 50mg/L using a consortium (composed by three different species) [18]; in the present work, the bacterial isolates from Pacoti River presented a 5-times higher degradation/tolerance potential to M- Parathion.
In one, the organophosphate insecticide methyl parathion was applied illegally in indoor settings.
These xenobiotics are cited methyl parathion (MPT) is most commonly used in Algeria [6].
Results for other organophosphates measured in the study (malathion, diazinon, methyl parathion, and chlorpyrifos) were not reported due to low detection rates or limited use in the study region.
Therefore, current investigation proposes the development and validation of a simple and economical GC-FPD method for the simultaneous determination of diazinon, ethion, malathion, methyl parathion and methyl pirimiphos (Figure 1) in bean samples from the southern region of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Sublethal effects of methyl parathion, carbofuran, and molinate on larval striped bass.
Involvement of oxidative stress in methyl parathion and parathion-induced toxicity and genotoxicity to human liver carcinoma (Hepg2) cells.