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Synonyms for Methedrine

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

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Increasing restrictions on methamphetamine's medical use and eventual withdrawal of Methedrine from the pharmaceutical market decreased availability of prescription methamphetamine and increased the market for illicit methamphetamine, known variously as "meth," "crank" or "speed.
On this wild-hair string band's latest album, traditional bluegrass, scary psychobilly and redneck Methedrine energy chemically react and come out sounding both more refined and less stable than their constituent elements.
Mum, who drives like Schumacher on Methedrine, rings back to say that the other vehicles are all intact.
the Methedrine I had to keep awake & set the type perhaps.
Jason Schwartzmann plays a crystal methedrine addict roped in to do some chores for drug-maker The Cook (Mickey Rourke).
When Brainard took down his shingle, no longer participating in the elite cottage industry of high art, he also gave up the Methedrine that had fueled many of his funniest, most beautiful visual riddles of the mid-'70s, little rebuses like the collage he made in 1977 of penguins on ice floes staring up at marbleized beach balls bouncing like a galaxy of suns in a white sky.
Nevertheless, he was to remain fairly anonymous, financially impoverished, and addicted to methedrine for most of his life.