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The generator is capable of processing 99% methane gas, set to become operational in the near future.
The methane gas recovery industry started in the 1970s in California, in response to smog problems and the rapid escalation in energy prices and shortages.
In 1980, the boys' gym was shut down for four months because of high concentrations of methane gas.
Fueled by methane gas which will be extracted from the ILR Landfill, the project also will begin construction in July 1992, with operations scheduled to commence in December 1993.
Developed in three phases, the Pennsauken Renewable Energy Park Project includes two solar photovoltaic fields and a landfill methane "gas to electricity" generator power plant that converts methane gas from the Pennsauken landfill into useable electricity.
The report notes that Temple Beaudry and Kajima were informed about potential environmental problems at the site, including the existence of oil wells and explosive methane gas, by the district.
The operation of our soil-treatment system on methane gas is the latest of many environmentally sound procedures and technologies that we have incorporated into this and other facilities we are in the process of developing throughout the U.
Up until this system was running, kids around here could pull off a nice little trick because of the methane gas,'' Rust said.
Capitalizing on "closing the recycling loop," the County of San Diego has installed two methane gas extraction systems using 4,000 feet of the recycled-content pipe at the San Marcos landfill and another 3,000 feet at an inactive landfill at the McClellan Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California.
Opponents say the 1,087-acre development south of Marina del Rey would consume the county's last natural wetlands, add traffic and expose 50,000 people expected to live and work there to high levels of methane gas recently identified under the site.
NYSE: TE) announced today that its subsidiary, TECO Coalbed Methane, has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the coalbed methane gas properties in Alabama's Black Warrior Basin of Magnolia Methane Corporation, a subsidiary of Transco Energy Company.
The plant is providing power to the regional grid while helping to offset the mine's methane gas emissions.
Another problem is methane gas collection lines would have to moved underground for a racetrack, said Javier Polanco, a sanitary engineering associate at the landfill.
Rwanda launched a pilot project to extract methane gas from the lake and use it as a power source.
OTCBB: BLSP) (the "Company" or "Bluesphere"), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, today announced it is pursuing a strategy to work in partnership with landfill owners to convert harmful methane gas emissions from landfills into electricity.