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The project comprises two main components; an innovative methane gas extraction and purification facility located on a floating barge 13 km off the coast of Lake Kivu to harvest methane rich gas from 320 metres below the lake surface, and a 25 MW capacity power plant on the lake shore at Kibuye to convert the Methane gas to electrical energy.
During the 5th Mongolian-German Economic Committee meeting, the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia and ThyssenKrupp of Germany established a memorandum of cooperation on a methane gas processing project.
The company announced it would soon start operating the generator with a capacity of 30 megawatts, capable of utilizing 99 percent of methane gas discharged from the coal mine.
OTCBB: BLSP), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, is pursuing a strategy to work in collaboration with landfill owners to convert harmful methane gas emissions from landfills into electricity.
If we had the technology then as now we would have saved many miners' lives by being able to remove the methane gas (firedamp) from the coal levels as in the Universal Colliery.
It is most appropriate to start with a little science and technology about methane gas generation.
We have demonstrated that Okhla landfill site can generate 2,500 meter cube of methane gas per hour which can provide cooking gas for 18,000 households in a month," Suneel Pandey of TERI said.
Methane hydrate, a sherbet-like substance consisting of methane gas trapped in ice below the seabed or permanently frozen ground, is viewed as a promising next-generation energy source.
ZONGULDAK (CyHAN)- Five coal miners died due to a sudden release of methane gas on Monday in the northern province of Zonguldak.
According to details, the group from Electronics Department has invented a cheaper way as compared to other procedures for power generation through bio-bass or Methane Gas.
All landfill waste creates methane gas as it breaks down, which is up to 25 times more potent in its heat-trapping properties than carbon dioxide.
The methane gas which is commonly found in the environment is coming out from the ground.
The new Volvo FM Methane-Diesel utilises methane gas as its primary fuel.
The microturbine will use methane gas from the plant that is normally flared, to produce 200 kilowatts of electricity.
Osaka Gas President Hiroshi Ozaki says the global prospects for shale gas, CBM, methane gas hydrates and other unconventional gases have improved considerably in recently years.