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one of a network of observation posts where meteorological data is recorded

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5 degrees Celsiusthe same day.The Wajir Meteorological Station recorded the highest seven-day average maximum temperature of 32.3 degrees Celsius while the Nyahururu Meteorological Station recorded the lowest seven-day average minimum temperature of 10.7 degrees Celsius, Mr Ambenje said.
June showed the highest values of [d.sub.2] (from 0.65 to 0.91), indicating that there is greater agreement between the meteorological station data with ECMWF data, as reported by Willmott (1981).
[SPAP_thresholds.sub.k] is the SPAP threshold for the kth waterlogging grade, [] is the average SPAP of the ith meteorological station calculated in step (b) for the kth yield loss category, and m is the number of meteorological stations in a specific subregion.
The procedure is as follows: we validate the Meteorological readings taken on site against local readings using a calibrated meteorological station. These local readings are performed for as long as possible, usually an architect allow us three to six months to setup and make on site readings.
The disaster area will be hit by more rain from Wednesday to Friday, said the local meteorological station.
The pollution is expected to engulf Beijing until Wednesday before wind arrives to blow it away, according to a weather report from the meteorological station, Xinhua said.
A meteorological station was established at the Dead Sea basin (Neve Zohar) to continuously monitor solar global, UVB and UVA radiation, measure spectral selectivity within the ultraviolet spectrum and investigate other relevant bio-climatological parameters.
The meteorological station of Haikou, capital of Hainan in South China, issued a red alert for the storms on Tuesday, the highest warning level in China's four-tier color-coded weather warning system, the official Xinhua news agency ( reported .
To measure TOA in Lithuania (Kaunas Meteorological Station) with the help of the least squares method, the data on geographical locations of the measuring stations and TOA measured by meteorological stations of neighbouring countries were used (Table 1).
We have previously delimited the site, but since it was leased to Tajikistan in the period of USSR, and Tajikistan installed a meteorological station there, we should now address property issues.
-The Sovereign gets informed of the progress of the meteorological station network for the management of citrus fruit orchards' irrigation, for an amount of 10 million dirhams.-HM the King visits an experimental farm that uses water saving modern technology.-Investments totaling 10.6 billion dirhams for the Souss-Massa-Draa region as part of the Green Morocco Plan.
Fanapi is expected to move west past Taiwan and reach the Taiwan Strait east of the mainland by Sunday evening, before approaching the coastal region between southern Fujian and the eastern part of Guangdong, Xinhua quoted the Fujian provincial meteorological station as saying.
This fact is unexpected, as the meteorological station is situated on the cliff and all directions are open to winds.
-Analyzing wind data, ocean currents and patterns from NaiKun's meteorological station located at the project site in Hecate Strait and correlating with long term wind data from a number of the Environment Canada meteorological stations in the area.
The meteorological station in Coundon Road, Coundon, said light rain is possible over the weekend, but it is likely cold weather will return on Monday.
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