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a transient shower of meteors when a meteor swarm enters the earth's atmosphere

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Then on November 27,1872, the very date when Earth passed closest to the comet's orbit, astronomers were again astonished as fragments of the disintegrated Biela's Comet produced a spectacular meteor storm. A similar rain of meteors fell from the sky on November 27,1885.
It seemed thousands of interested sky gazers of diverse nationalities knew the Dubai Astronomy Group was convening at the resort at 9pm on Friday until sunrise on Saturday to spot the never-seen-before meteor storm called the May Camelopardalids.
When a suspicious meteor storm nearly destroys Terminator, the three friends discover that these events may be related, and the human race could be in terrible danger.
Archaeologists and geologists have suggested that a major earthquake or meteor storm might have been the means by which it occurred.
A team of Nasa researchers and their collaborators say last year's Leonid meteor storm has implications for the existence and survival of life's precursors in comet materials that reach Earth.
Lattakia, (SANA) -- The Earth will pass on Monday evening through a cloud of dust left behind by the Tempel-Tuttle comet, resulting in a meteor storm that will light up the northern hemisphere in areas where the event will coincide with night, including Syria.This case is extremely rare and has no negative impact, since the meteor storm, which occurs when the cloud of dust left by the comet enters the atmosphere and burns, won't reach the Earth's surface and will burn at the altitude of 80 kilometers.The meteor storm is expected to appear in the direction of the north and northeast, and it can be seen with the bare eyes in areas where there aren't any strong light sources such as city centers.
She was bred by Juddmonte Farms and is a full-sister to the Group 1 winners Raintrap and Sunshack as well as to the dam of Group 1 winners Polish Summer and Meteor Storm.
I know we normally go through the Leonid meteor storm in November each year.
Formerly trained by Dermot Weld, Relaxed Gesture beat Meteor Storm by an emphatic four-and-a-half lengths at Woodbine.
Not so on the night of the Great Meteor Storm of 12th November 1799 when skies over England, Europe and the Middle East were virtually lit up with 'shooting stars'.
To protect itself from debris, the Hubble Space Telescope literally had to turn its back on last November's Leonid meteor storm. As luck would have it, that put the luminous Helix nebula directly in the telescopes line of sight.
(There's also a small chance the West Coast and Hawaii will see a second, even greater meteor storm around 4 a.m.
The story concerns the adventures and misadventures of one ancient, diminutive, one-eyed man, Odin, who happens onto a mystery island -- a kind of world out of real place and real time -- as a result of a meteor storm which has caused one of his horses, Rigmarole, to break her leg.
Liv endured her own meteor storm of publicity following Armageddon, when she was accused of being the other woman in the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore split.
It might seem that way when a meteor storm pelts Earth next month.