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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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However, the histological examination of the excised bone metastasis revealed insular carcinoma foci, suggesting primary tumour dedifferentiation during the process of distant metastization. In fact, DTCs can undergo dedifferentiation through a process of multiple genetic and epigenetic alterations, evolving into poor differentiated or even undifferentiated/anaplastic carcinomas [12].
However, patients presenting with seemingly innocent features may have aggressive tumours with bone metastization upon diagnosis.
''It's going to be a hard struggle with the metastization of terrorists groups across Africa, North Africa particularly, into the Middle East, the continuing presence of the Taliban and the Haqqani and other groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan,'' she said, ''for us to figure out how best to deal with their threats in general and then in particular their special attention to turning the clock back for women and girls.''