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It can also produce fully composed print language files for AFP, Postscript, Metacode and others.
Forms Integrity Manager enables its users to automate the testing of AFP and Metacode print streams, with PDF and PostScript capabilities to be available in the next release.
AFP, Metacode, ASCII), in order to repurpose it as any XML-based data type, and paginated or non-paginated document type Extracting data directly from CA Unicenter Output Management solutions, including Unicenter CA-View Output Archival and Viewing, Unicenter CA-Bundl, and Unicenter CA-Dispatch Output Management
The ApplicationXtender suite provides comprehensive capture capabilities for all of your enterprise information, including imaging, electronic file support, faxes and computer output reports for both traditional COLD (text-based reports) as well as advanced printstreams (AFP, Metacode, PCL and PDF).
The solution one of the electronic document management modules of DOC 1 Series 5, is a data-mining tool that enables users to query and extract data from dynamic print stream output (AFP, Metacode and line data) without programming or IT involvement.
There are a lot of types out there: scanned and imported bi-tonal and color images; unstructured documents such as Word, WordPerfect, Excel and PowerPoint; PDF files; vector files for engineering drawings and geographic information systems; data streams from EDI and XML; structured data from e-forms and databases; print streams in PCL, AFP, Metacode, DJDE; video, sound files and graphics files; and web pages.