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the part of the hand between the carpus and phalanges

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Anatomical variation of co-existence of 4th and 5th short metacarpal bones, sesamoid ossicles and exostoses of ulna and radius in the same hand: a case report.
1 - sets of bone finger metacarpal bones, fractures of the distal end
The mass was adjacent to the first metacarpal bone (Figure 2).
The mean length and standard variation of metacarpal bones were as follow: 1st = 4.
On upper extremity X-Ray, the radius and ulna were aplasic bilaterally, the humeruses were short bilaterally, and there were 3 metacarpal bones in the right hand and 3 metacarpal bones in the left hand.
The third metacarpal bones were excised and cleaned of all adhering tissue within three days for bone weight measurements as well as the determination of bone breaking strength and ash weight.
A two months old calf was attended with history of poor growth, thickening and swelling of metacarpal bones, progressive bending and twisting of long bones (metacarpals), enlargement of knee joints of fore limbs and lameness for 10-15 days.
A left hook in his last fight, against Peter McDonagh in November, further damaged the metacarpal bones he first had surgery on before the 2008 Olympics.
However, when the distal metacarpal bones are manipulated, the best fit between them is felt when the left of the two metacarpals extends distally slightly beyond the right (relative to the axis of symmetry within the foot).
The right upper limb had two digits with proximal and distal interphalangeal joints, but no carpal and no metacarpal bones.
Roentgenograms (X-rays) revealed numerous small round foci of bony sclerosis on radius, ulna, carpal and metacarpal bones (Figure 1) as well as in the pelvis and upper heads of the femur and humerus (Figure 2,3).
These carpal bones in turn articulate with five metacarpal bones.
This study has been performed to reveal hand bone peculiarities of elite male judoists by comparing their phalangeal and metacarpal bones with those of sedentary men on the basis of biometric ratio of the bones by means of three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) images.
The interosseous muscle is mostly tendinous, and originates from the second row of the carpal bones, the accessory carpal bone, the caudal aspect of radius, and the base of the metacarpal bones III & IV and runs against the palmar aspect of the metacarpal bones (Fig.
To get an idea of how this should feel, slide your fingers across the metacarpal bones on the back of your other hand.