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the part of the hand between the carpus and phalanges

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1 - sets of bone finger metacarpal bones, fractures of the distal endradial bone fractures and radial head, screw compressionblocked - Appendix 2/1 to the Terms of ReferenceTask No.
New, hook-like bone formations on the heads of the metacarpal bones are critical radiological signs that signal the presence of HH.
However, as the wrist extended and skin began to fold underneath the magnet, its position with respect to the metacarpal bones in the hand changed.
In this study, our aim is to provide a basic morphometric information (differences if there would be) on the hand bones of elite male judo players and sedentary men, investigating diversities related to biometric ratios of the phalangeal and metacarpal bones of both groups via 3D reconstruction of MDCT images.
The metacarpal bones of sheep suggest the shoulder height of 64.
He took Jack to The Veterinary Hospital off River Road, where veterinarian Bernie Robe confirmed that four metacarpal bones in Jack's left front paw had been crushed, possibly by a car or bicycle.
Four of the five metacarpal bones in his left hand were destroyed and muscle tissue riddled with shrapnel.
Scans showed fractures to the metacarpal bones of Nathan's left foot,' said a Perpignan spokesman.
A Perpignan spokesman said: "Scans showed fractures to the metacarpal bones of Nathan's left foot.
Key words: angel wing, valgus deformity, metacarpal bones, avian, birds, Northern goshawk, raptor, Accipiter gentilis
Glide your thumbs down the top of the foot between the metacarpal bones using moderate pressure.
He broke three metacarpal bones before he started racing and then we had to close down because of a virus, so he was late starting, but he did break the sprint track record at Galway.
Although the spine and hip are the most common sites to measure, Dr Gallagher noted that DEXA can also be used to measure the radius, metacarpal bones, phalanges, or os calcis.