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For the tests without S9 metabolization mix, sodium azide (2 [micro]g/plate) and 4-nitroquinoline-n-oxide (0.2 [micro]g/plate) were used as a positive control for strain TA100 and TA98, respectively.
However, considering the importance of LA to cellular membranes, it is possible that the results observed are due to its metabolization as well.
More research is necessary to get more information about the metabolization of L-[beta]HB in humans.
Liver and kidneys are the main organs accounting for metabolization of alcohol and excretion of metabolites, respectively, thus being extremely affected by its intake [5].
Beyond trace detection, we are also able to follow the metabolization process in the animal.
In primary care, PM could be used to inform decisions regarding treatments, such as smoking cessation by examining a patient's speed of nicotine metabolization [5], or inform decisions regarding drinking reduction of alcohol abusers by identifying patients who would respond well to topiramate, a drug that can be used to aid in alcohol abstinence [6].
Patients with lower levels of CYP2D6 metabolization experience recurrent malarial episodes regardless of proper treatment regimens with primaquine [5].
Therefore, we hypothesize that not metabolization of CBZ to EPX but mainly further detoxification of EPX plays a role in B*15:02-associated CBZ hypersensitivity.
On the one hand, the oxidative pathways of ethanol metabolization include ADH, cytochrome P450 2E1 (CYP2E1) and catalase.
[30] however, report that improved weight gain (increase in body mass and decrease in body fat) has been difficult to achieve in fish fed large amounts of CHO because control of glycemic homeostasis is associated with several factors such as insulin secretion [31] occurrence of insulin receptors in the cells [32], receptor type [33] and the presence of glucose carriers and enzymes involved in glucose metabolization [31,33].
(43) Another possible mechanism can be the metabolization of the potential haptens to reactive metabolites by cutaneous enzymes, however agmatine metabolizing enzymes are absent in cutaneous tissue.
The main illnesses related to benzene are linked to its hemotoxicity and genotoxicity caused by its metabolization. The mechanisms of actions are complex, and have not been completely established.
After analysis, we calculated the coefficients of nutrient digestibility, values of metabolizable energy and coefficients of apparent metabolization of crude energy of the diets, according to the equations described by Matterson, Potter, Stutz and Singsen (1965) for food evaluation (Sakomura & Rostagno, 2007).
The metabolization of radish biotypes was analyzed in two additional experiments that were performed in a greenhouse with a completely randomized design and four replications.
The amount of food must be consumed to meet the requirements is related to the losses in digestion and metabolization. Ingested (consumed) food is digested, assimilated and metabolized which increase the body weight.