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the philosophical study of being and knowing

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Meta-physics is the science dealing not with "non-science", "non-sense", or "para-physics", as many have misinterpreted it, but with the epistemic qualification and entification of the sciences.
The Matrix Reloaded and concluding chapter The Matrix Revolutions married mind-bending meta-physics with big-budget spectacle, with varying degrees of success.
Then the next chapters married mind-bending meta-physics with big-budget spectacle.
Lyotard is after that elusive indeterminacy of the "now" that an entire history of meta-physics has sought but that remains intangible, even in those artworks that demonstrate exactly this limit of signification.
Basic Structures of Reality: Essays in Meta-Physics. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011.
"Subjects ranging from science, astronomy, medicine and logic to meta-physics, philosophy and scriptures were pursued.
Very highly recommended reading for the student of energy healing and in-depth meta-physics, Dynamic Energetic Healing: Integrating Core Shamanic Practices With Energy Psychology Applications And Processwork Principles by psychotherapist Howard Brockman is an informed and informative instructional reference for the every intricate detailing of energy-based psychotherapy with spiritual inclination.