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Synonyms for mestizo

a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

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The deliverable threshold public service contracts for the project design of complex land consolidation (the kick) in the cadastral Datelov, Diviovice at Depoltice and mestiso at Depoltice, including the necessary geodetic work in the accuracy class intended for recovery cadastre Decree no.
El primer dia de 1779, Tupac Amaru dio instrucciones publicas a los alcaldes de que todos los "mestizos forasteros [salieran] del pueblo, y los mestizos patricios se fuesen a la ciudad del Cuzco, que ningun mestiso ha de haber en el pueblo".
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: Kick in the cadastral datelov, diviovice at depoltice and mestiso at depoltice.
4) The first edition of the text was accompanied by a map and proclaimed to be, as stated on the title page, "A new and exact discovery of the Spanish navigation to those parts; and of their dominions, government, religion, forts, castles, ports, havens, commodities, fashions, behavior of Spaniards, priests and friars, blackmores, mulattos, mestisos, Indians, and of their feasts and solemnities.
Como los mestisos del Cuzco y de Xacxauana y de Cochacalla dicia: "Ya, senor, sara paruayando, capon asando, todo comiendo, mi madre pariua, yo agora mirando chapin de la mula".