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(Dinosaur coprolites are very large and are found only in rock that formed during the Mesozoic era.)
The book proceeds in chronological order via several periods of the Mesozoic era, beginning with a general overview of the world at that time, and then concentrating on locale-specific findings and discoveries.
Narrated by Kenneth Branagh, the programme employed state-of-the-art animatronics and computer-generated effects to step back in time to the Mesozoic Era - the so-called Age Of Reptiles.
The fossil, which weighs about 15 kilograms (33 lbs), belongs to the second geological period or the Mesozoic Era. It fits in the category of cephalopods and octopuses.
We're only going back a decade or three, not to the Mesozoic Era.
Science & Technology Published: Updated: May 7, 2012 20:11 May 7, 2012 20:25 WASHINGTON: In a major new climate finding, researchers have calculated that dinosaur flatulence could have put enough methane into the atmosphere to warm the planet during the hot, wet Mesozoic era. Like gigantic, long-necked, prehistoric cows, sauropod dinosaurs roamed widely around the Earth 150 million years ago, scientists reported in the journal Current Biology on Monday.
Major tectonic elements during the Cenozoic and Mesozoic era have shaped the Geological structures that observed in Pakistan today.
West Bay in southwest England forms part of a spectacular coastline in Dorset and East Devon that was designated a World Heritage site in 2001 in recognition of the value of its cliff exposures--which display a unique sequence of rock formations spanning the Mesozoic Era and its numerous fossil sites
Other titles in the series are The Paleozoic Era: Diversification of Plant and Animal Life, and The Mesozoic Era: Age of Dinosaurs.
Eventually, the show begins settling in, for good (cool-looking dinosaurs; an exterior threat from rogue colonists) and ill (stupid teenagers, who bring tired teenage problems back to the Mesozoic era).
During the Mesozoic Era, or Age of Dinosaurs, Australia was home to a wide range of dinosaur species.
After the usual papers on subjects such as the impact of continental drift on fauna of the mesozoic era, or improvements in the design of aerofoils for pterodactyl wings, the cave in which the meeting was held became packed with delegates who had come to hear the much-heralded talk by the diplodocus known affectionately to all as 'Doc' and widely regarded as the most brilliant and gifted of all dinosaur scientists.
A geological legacy of marine flooding of the central Australian continent during the Mesozoic Era and invaluable National asset hosting hydrocarbons and water reserves of the Great Artesian Basin.
MESOZOIC ERA: In the Jurasic Period, dinosaurs and the first birds evolved.
It was commonplace back in those times, the Mesozoic Era.