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middle part of the Stone Age beginning about 15,000 years ago

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The research team say Flixton was a key location in the Mesolithic period and the two objects help paint a vibrant picture of how the people interacted with the local environment.
Experts found the uplands on Moel Famau were used for hunting in the Mesolithic period (8000-4000BC).
The Cave of the Cyclops on the Greek island of Youra has been used by humans at least since the Mesolithic period.
Various explanations are offered for the lemma aal 'eel', for example, but each has some drawback, and the entry concludes that since archaeological evidence shows that eels were eaten in northern Europe in the Mesolithic Period, the word will probably be from the substrate.
Previous investigations have revealed Roman material from the castle site, and excavations in June 2004 revealed that the site was occupied as far back as the Mesolithic period, about 5,000 years ago.
The three abstract squares found in Long Hole cave in Cheddar, Somerset, are believed to date back 10,000 years to the Mesolithic Period.
Our drill core evidence clearly demonstrates coastal saline/brackish water lagoonal sediments and their adjacent coastal marsh peats in the Lake Kasta area that date to the very end of the Mesolithic period (ca.
One site, off the coast of Tynemouth, dates back to the late Mesolithic period (8,500-5,000 years ago], an era or hunter-gatherers who lived between the end of the ice Age and the beginning of the agricultural revolution.
They belonged to the Mesolithic period or Middle Stone Age - 10,000 to 5,000 years ago - when hunter gatherers lived along the prehistoric shore line of the North East.
At Abu Hureyra, a site on the Euphrates dating to 10,500-6,500 BC, the hunter-gatherers of the early Mesolithic period used at least 120 seed foods, whereas the farmers of the late Neolithic used just five seed species -- three cereals and two pulses.
Consultant archaeologist Paul Robins is certain the site dates from the Mesolithic Period from 8000BC to 4000BC, the age which heralded the re-emergence of man at the end of the ice age.
antecedents and formative stages of cultures from Mesolithic period through Neolithic (9,000-6,000)in this part of the world which culminated into mature bronze age (300 BC) Indus valley civilization at a date which might be estimated about (2,500-2,400 BC)termed at the sites of Harappa and Moenjodaro as the "Indus valley civilization", said Dr.
Since the 1970s it has been believed humans came here around 10,000 years ago following discoveries on Mount Sandel in Co Derry which has been dated at 8,000 BC in the Mesolithic period.
Scientists have discovered that Caryl Parry Jones can trace her mother's ancestry back to maternal predecessors belonging to the haplogroup U, women who were among the first hunters to live in Europe and Northern Asia in the Mesolithic period after the Ice Age.
TEHRAN (FNA)- La Brana 1, the name used to baptize a 7,000-year-old individual from the Mesolithic Period whose remains were recovered at La Brana-Arintero site in Valdelugueros (Leon, Spain), had blue eyes and dark skin, new research revealed.