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* Investigador Asociado del Institute of Meso-american Ecology, Tulane University.
The San Francisco Botanical Garden's Meso-American Cloud Forest ($7; or 415/661-3090) is in peak bloom this month.
Funds for the "2015 Meso-American Health Initiative" will be shared equally by the three contributors and will go over the next five years to improve maternal health, nutrition, vaccination, anti-dengue and anti-malaria campaigns in the region.
Originating in Meso-American cultures, the cultivation of maize spread north and throughout the North American continent thousands of years before European explorers and settlers came.
Chapter 5, "Meso-American Civilizations," relies almost exclusively on secondary sources; more attention to available primary sources would make the writing more consistent with other chapters.
This study used oral survey methods to examine first the diversity of Meso-American languages and second the potential language maintenance or loss of these languages among Meso-American language speakers in Wiregrass country (North Florida-South Georgia).
With just days to go before the Meso-American Long Count Calender ticks towards its end, sometime around December 21, 2012, there is only one man who can save the planet - divorced writer Jackson Curtis.
"This finding mirrors our modelling studies on the fringing reefs of Jamaica, and on the Meso-American Barrier reef off the coast of Belize," said Professor Crabbe.
There was no dedicated Guatemala soluble but one exotic labeled product described as "premium freeze-dried Arabica" and sounding suspiciously like a high-grown coffee of meso-American origin, and clearly not that far from Guatemala.
To stare into the eye sockets of the skull is to stare into the very heart of ancient Meso-American culture.
Egypt, and China, and chapter four focuses upon Greek and Roman agriculture as well as classical treatises on agronomy and eventually Meso-American agriculture.
Thinking along the lines of an Henri Rousseau jungle landscape, Geras-Carson transports "Flute" from its traditionally Orientalist setting, somewhere in a fanciful Egypt, to a lush locale that might be Meso-American.
AFTER 1600 YEARS of astounding cultural achievement, millions of lowland Maya vanished from their Meso-American paradise during the eighth century.
She further notes that "although we can identify certain linguistic, social, and cultural continuities between present-day groups and ancient Meso-american civilizations, it is important to keep in mind that the nature of such links is the result of highly complex historical processes" (p.
But the ones on Exchange Flags are front-facing and their wings are a lot thinner like meso-American birds of paradise.