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South African annual or biennial plants having flowers that open only in bright sunlight

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Fringed gaily all round by mesembryanthemum (vulgo, "pig's face") in full bloom, it seemed in the broad sunshine as though girdled about with a belt of magenta fire.
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C4 -18,4 1.460-1.240 Familia -22,4 1.460-1.240 Loasaceae Familia -21,9 975 Aizoaceae Mesembryanthemum CAM -13,9 425 crystallinum Familia [C.sub.3] -22,6 429-130 Euphorbiaceae Familia [C.sub.3] -25,6 3.200-429 Brassiacoae Familia [C.sub.3] -22,1 425 Frankeniaceae
Nonetheless, using rich potting composts with fine, dust-sized seeds such as campanula, sedum, streptocarpus, verbascum and mesembryanthemum isn't a good idea.
Try Alyssum, Mesembryanthemum, Begonias, Diascia, Gypsophila, Lobelia, Petunias and Violas.The more tokens you collect the more seeds you'll get...