Mesabi Range

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a range of hills in northeastern Minnesota where rich iron ore deposits were discovered in 1887

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The dual-campus Mesabi Range Community and Technical College in Eveleth and West Virginia, Minn., had more than 135 fewer students this fall, a drop of 9 percent.
JANE GILNESS is an adjunct instructor at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College, Virginia, Minn.
One example is Minnesota's Mesabi Range. BIFs formed when iron oxide (Fe2O3), or ordinary rust, precipitated out of seawater.
Minntac is located on the Mesabi Range in northeastern Minnesota.
The four Fitzgerald brothers of Minnesota, who started out hauling iron miners to northeastern Minnesota's Mesabi Range in a pair of rickety buses, were typical of the self-made entrepreneurs who spotted a transportation opportunity.
The NorthMet deposit, located almost 100 km north of Duluth in the Mesabi Range district, was discovered by US Steel Corp.
Gary arrived at Gary Works with a load of Mesabi Range iron ore in July 1908, the massive industrial complex was fast taking shape.
Michigan was the leading producer of iron ore during much of this period, until the output of Minnesota's great Mesabi range pushed that state ahead of Michigan in 1900.
Weirton Steel, like most steel companies, got its ore from the Mesabi Range and had to transport it overland by rail.
The editors of Lotta operaia drew on the experiences of the Industrial Workers of the World in the strikes in Lawrence in 1912 and in the Mesabi Range four years later, both as examples to follow and as affirmation of their own opposition to boring-from-within and support for direct action in Italy.
Anne Latham, the eldest child of a family that emigrated from the Ukraine to the Mesabi Range in Minnesota early in the century, remembers that the funerals of both her 40-year-old mother and her 21-year-old sister took place at home, their bodies laid out in the parlor.
* The Minnesota Museum of Mining, which takes visitors to the earliest days on the Mesabi Range, even into a small underground mine.