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a light-colored crystalline powder (trade name Merthiolate) used as a surgical antiseptic

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Undaunted artists can even try diluted solutions of the medicinal dyes gentian violet and tincture of Merthiolate.
Aunque normalmente son de una limpieza escrupulosa, a veces muestran lastimaduras, una una negra y rota, una rajada en la mejilla, un manchon de merthiolate en la frente.
Afler asepsis and disinfection of the surgical site with merthiolate, extraction was performed with anatomical tweezers and Hollemback 3s.
ANYONE WHO RECALLS the stinging sensation of having a skinned knee painted with a reddish-orange antiseptic called Merthiolate has an intimate acquaintance with thimerosal, simply another name for the bacteria-killing compound developed by Eli Lilly in 1929.
Patch testing can produce highly misleading results, including false-positive reactions to merthiolate, fragrance, lanolin, or nickel.
El merthiolate, el algodon y los curitas, en el bano, en el cajon de las medicinas".
Disinfectants commonly used include Merthiolate, mercuric chloride, calcium hypochlorite, and sodium hypochlorite.
Marsh wrote that if the "smallest break in the skin" did appear, it was treated with "a spray of tincture of merthiolate and liquor carbona detergent, followed by exposing the break to light treatment," which she said resolved the problem within a day or two.