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a member of the Merovingian dynasty

a Frankish dynasty founded by Clovis I that reigned in Gaul and Germany from about 500 to 750

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Public service contract for stabilization - restoration for the study of copper alloy loops from the preventive archaeological excavation of the merovingian cemetery of bossut gottechain
It should be remembered that rule by minors had caused the fall of the Merovingian dynasty.
We retreat further into the Merovingian world in the final three chapters.
Had the Merovingian ruler lost the battle (which Heather thinks more of a skirmish), wrote Gibbon, "perhaps the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.
Chapter Two surveys the use of peace in the political vocabularies of the barbarian rulers of Vandal North Africa, Gibichung Burgundy, Ostrogothic Italy, Visigothic Spain, and Merovingian Francia, with a digression on the notions of peace found in the works of Pope Gregory the Great.
The cathedral museum in the medieval cloister shows exhibits from the cathedral's treasury and spectacular finds from the grave of a girl from the late Merovingian period in the 7th century.
The first map shows the places of origin of 37 Merovingian coins found in the Sutton Hoo treasure trove.
Subsequent sections address different surface analysis methods for the characterization of reactive glass surfaces, infrared and raman spectroscopy and microscopy, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the characterization of the chemical environment of metals in silicate glass materials, followed by studies of these methods to characterize archaeological glass fragments, historic museum pieces in glass, or other related materials, including Roman glass, European trade beads in Northeastern North America, Venetian soda glass, historic English lead glass, and Spanish monuments, and those from Bronze Age Italy, the Merovingian period in Western Europe, South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Medieval period, and Versailles.
He was sent by Merovingian King Karl Martell to found a Benedictine Abbey on the 4.
While a great deal of scholarly work has been done on the politics and religious institutions of the Merovingian era, little has been written regarding Frankish female spirituality outside of a strictly monastic setting during this transitional period.
After this the book moves back to the Eastern empire, the role of Justin II, the Persian threat, the rise of Mohammed and his new militaristic religion which was 'engaged with wider debates and concerns that were coming to dominate the religious life of the Mediterranean world', the 'western' threat to Constantinople, the Arab incursions into modern Spain, Merovingian rule to the north and the rise of England as 'the first "nation" of Europe'.
The Creation and Transformation of the Merovingian World.
Professor Risse explains, "As early as Merovingian times [approximately mid-fifth to mid-eighth century], local bishops had been charged with assigning one-fourth of their revenues for the needs of the poor.
With the help of the British Museum, I managed to identify this sherd as a piece of Merovingian Frankish pottery from around the 6th to 8th centuries AD.