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type genus of the Meropidae

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Wrege recently completed a five-year study of a population of white-fronted bee eaters, Merops bullockoides, living in Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park.
The online version will have the enhanced options including online multimedia, cross-referencing capabilities, integrated online delivery and closer integration with the online MEROPS database of peptidases and their inhibitors.
Central place foraging in the European Bee-eater, Merops apiaster.
The sequences were derived from a literature search and the Merops peptidase database (19).
The winners, from Merops pet food factory in Ballymount, play the Lotto every week.
Ah unusual record of a European Bee-eater Merops apiaster from Eilat-inside a tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier.
The friends, who work in Merops Pet food factory in Dublin, have been picking random numbers every week for eight years.
Barn Owl Pellets from Grotte d'Antsironandoha contained frogs (MNI = 4), birds (Turnix nigricollis, MNI = 1; Foudia madagascariensis, MNI = 1; Merops superciliosus, MNI = 1), afrosoricidans and soricomorphans (Setifer setosus, MNI = 1; Suncus madagascariensis, MNI = 1), rodents (Mus musculus, MNI = 8; Rattus rattus, MNI = 28), and a northern rufous mouse lemur (Microcebus tavaratra, MNI = 1).
Passer domesticus Coraciiformes Merops apiaster Galliformes Coturnix coturnix Reptilia (n = 3; 0.