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type genus of the Meropidae

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Serine-carboxyl peptidases are a kind of pepstatin-insensitive acid peptidases and are classified in the MEROPS peptidase data as family S53 enzymes including sedolisin and its homologs, which possess catalytic serine and carboxyl groups at the active sites.
The association with merops is based on information given in Brockelmann 1928: 810, where reference is made to the Hierozoicon and Noldeke 1904: 107.
Species implicated were White-billed Buffalo Weaver, White-throated Bee-eater Merops albicollis, White Stork, Lesser Kestrel, Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis (Fig.
Bates, 1865 563 Prepona pylene philetas 2 Fruhstorfer, 1904 564 Agrias aedon rodriguezi 1 2 Schaus, 1918 Biblidinae 565 Marpesia berania fruhstorferi 2 (Seitz, 1914) 566 Marpesia chiron marius 1 2 a b c d (Cramer, 1779) 567 Marpesia furcula oechalia 2 (Westwood, 1850) 568 Marpesia corita corita 1 2 d (Westwood, 1850) 569 Marpesia corita phiale 1 2 (Godman & Salvin, 1878) 570 Marpesia harmonia 1 2 b d (Klug, 1836) 571 Marpesia merops b (Doyere, [1840]) 572 Marpesia petreus 2 damicorum Brevignon, 2001 573 Marpesia petreus ssp.
The poem from the Carmina Burana collection beginning "Claus Cronos et serato," has the couplet: "His alludi Philomena, / merops et luscinia" [Among them sport the swallow, bee eater, and nightingale].
The syndicate from the Merops pet food factory in Ballymount were top dogs when they landed EUR6.
Take a stroll around any Tesco Ireland supermarket today and you'll see the own label catfood made by Merops, which in the summer was awarded an 5m [pounds sterling] contract to supply product to stores on both sides of the Irish Sea.
He married first Arisbe (a daughter of Merops the seer) and then Hecuba, by whom he had many children, including his favorites, Hector and Paris.
There are powerful contributions from Philippe Huttenlocher as the abdicating King Merops, Rachel Yakar as Phaethon's mother, and, especially, Veronique Gens as the princess forced into marrying him, while Laurent Naouri proves an impressively sonorous Proteus (and Saturn in the Prologue).
Wrege recently completed a five-year study of a population of white-fronted bee eaters, Merops bullockoides, living in Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park.
The online version will have the enhanced options including online multimedia, cross-referencing capabilities, integrated online delivery and closer integration with the online MEROPS database of peptidases and their inhibitors.
Common Whitethroat Sylvia communis, Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis and Hoopoe Merops apiaster).
Esta clasificacion tambien se introdujo en la base de datos de peptidasas MEROPS (<http://www.
4,g), provides a contrasting sand dune habitat within the mangrove wetland, and is home to Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters Merops superciliosus, and Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes.