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white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional quality

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Una casa esquileo, un molino de papel, varias viviendas en la ciudad, una numerosa cabana lanar merina .
Terme designant la region de la capitale Antananarivo ainsi que ses habitants; les notions d'<< ethnie >> et de << merina >> sont egalement utilisees selon les perspectives adoptees.
Pekka Nykanen and Merina Salminen are co-authors of the book Operaatio Elop, about Nokia's rise and decline, which was published in Finland last week.
Examining the history of circumcision among the Merina of Madagascar he concludes that, despite significant political, social and economic changes, and considerable modifications in the enactment of the ritual itself, the symbolic core of the rites remained the same over the course of two centuries.
En el proceso se emplearon cuatro recipientes de vidrio de 4 L de capacidad en los que se anadieron 2 L de mezcla de liquido ruminal y medio de cultivo (1:4 v/v), descrito por Goering y Van Soest (1970); este liquido se extrajo de un grupo de ocho ovejas adultas de la raza Merina.
The Prefects of CBSE, who were officially inducted, were Ishita Manoj Shah, Aparna Krishnan, Tina Elsa Koshy, Anthea Abreo, Gokul Krishnakumar, Vineeth Vijayan, Edwina Sunny, Mahika Maggon, Reshma Kishore, Muneeswaran Sundar, Aiemy Mary Sam, Neha Sunil, Chacko Jacob, Sai Swaroop Rai, Ishani Sen, Sanjay Jaleel, Aditya Rajesh, Daniel Stephen Netto, Merina Joseph, Enlenca Roseline D'Souza, Thomas John and Farhana Fatima.
She leaves her two daughters, Ellen Mavretic and her husband, John, of Berlin and Merina Dolan and her husband, Jerry, of Nashua, N.
Her native fluency in Norwegian and her knowledge of Merina Malagasy prove invaluable.
This apparent reference to cannibalism among the Merina of Madagascar, derived by the Catholic priest Callet, [1] possibly from writer-interpreter Lucien Andriamiseza (1913-1997), [2] when transcribing the collection of indigenous oral traditions known as Tantaran ny Andriana ('History of the Kings'), attracted little attention until 1956, when Louis Molet, [3] a French Protestant missionary and anthropologist, published a work in which he claimed that the Merina, in common with the other ethnicities of Madagascar, practised funeral rites that demonstrated clear signs of having once been focused around the eating of the dead.
Inhabited by the Merina people, one of the island's many ethnic groups, this land of terraced rice fields and tall brick-red houses holds an outsized place in the island's history, having produced a line of kings and queens who, from 1780, came to rule over most of the island.
Khurshid Vakil, Co-founder and Executive Director of Dubai-based Merina Home, Indian textile industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and has been exporting to most of the major markets around the world.
Il etait admis que les femmes celibataires aient des relations sexuelles autant chez les Merina (23) des Hautes Terres que dans les autres ethnies (24).