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located in the south or characteristic of southern people or places

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The meridionally running valley changes its course and trends NE-NW, regaining thereafter its meridional direction (Fig.
(2000): Upper Cretaceous meridionally costellate hedbergellids: the genus Meridionella El-Nakhal, 1982 vs.
Ten locations within a meridionally aligned study area incorporating the Hillston and Merriwagga 1:100000 topographic map sheet areas of western NSW, were chosen as sampling sites for this work (Table 1).
The contemporary lake has a meridionally elongated configuration.
In embryos of echinoids with typical feeding larvae, the symmetry of cleavage is interrupted at the fourth cell division: the animal pole quartet of cells divides meridionally and equally, whereas the vegetal quartet of cells divides equatorially and unequally to yield a quartet of small daughter cells (micromeres) at the vegetal pole of the embryo.
The second-cell cleavage of the mammalian embryo differs from that of lower life-forms, since the blastomeres (the two cells formed by the first cleavage) cleave asynchronously, so that the sequence of cellular cleavage is not "two-four-eight," but rather "two-three-four." Also, and possibly because of the different portioning of the cytoplasm in the single-cell zygote prior to its first cleavage, this asynchronous division also occurs along differing planes, called "rotational cleavage," where one cell divides meridionally (top-to-bottom), while the other divides equatorially (left-to-right).
Gray solid and dashed contours in (b) and (c), respectively, depict 250-hPa meridionally averaged meridional winds of 15 and -15 m [s.sup.-1], respectively.