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a mercurial compound applied topically as an antiseptic


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Otomycosis--a clinico-mycological study and efficacy of mercurochrome in its treatment.
It wasn't Mercurochrome, which was the standard treatment at that time, but, instead, something that smelled of witch hazel.
For more than a century, my bright orange-coloured organic salt merbromin--known as Mercurochrome, Asceptichrome or Supercrome--kept wounds clean from bacterial infections.
Eucalyptus, tea tree and camphor oils were always in the house along with mercurochrome, flavin and Dettol.
Thimerosal (also known as Mercurochrome and Merthiolate) is an organic, mercury-containing preservative that was added to vaccines from the 1940s until 2001 to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination, which was especially important for multi-dose vials.
These included common locally known treatments such as mustard plasters for respiratory ailments, vanilla for burns, turpentine for open wounds, alcohol for fever, mentholatum salve applied to the bottom of feet for colds, Epson salts for swelling, mercurochrome for infections, aspirin for pain, bag balm for sore breasts, and a hot water bottle for sore throats and ear aches.
2) The Mercurochrome drew attention to the wound and therefore also to my klutziness.
Beating up some Egyptians who required nothing more than mercurochrome and two aspirins?
I never realized, for instance, that Mercurochrome, the standard antiseptic when I was a kid, contains mercury and is now considered toxic waste.
When one of his childhood friends was hurt playing ball, he would scream, "Get the mercurochrome.
A pillar of American poetry, widely recognized for Mercurochrome (2001) and Bathwater Wine (1998), Wanda Coleman checks in with a cohesive volume of thirteen short stories called Jazz and Twelve O'Clock Tales (Black Sparrow Books, 978-1-57423-212-7).
Mercurochrome (merbromin-mercuric) also enjoyed widespread usage throughout the 20th century as an effective antiseptic ointment for scrapes and cuts.