Mercurialis annua

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Eurafrican annual naturalized in America as a weed

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Golan-Goldhirsh, "A., DNA markers for gender: molecular evidence for gender dimorphism in dioecious Mercurialis annua L," Molecular Breeding, vol.
The importance of reproductive assurance when p is low is apparent for both annual and perennial life histories, as well as for plants with a seed bank, and helps to explain the otherwise puzzling observation that many successful sexual colonizing species may in fact be self-incompatible (e.g., Centaurea solstitialis, Sun and Ritland 1998; Papaver rhoeas, Campbell and Lawrence 1981; Senecio squalidus, Abbott and Forbes 1993; Turnera ulmifolia, Barrett 1978) or dioecious (e.g., Mercurialis annua, Pannell 1997a; and see below), in apparent contradiction to Baker's Law.
Widespread functional androdioecy in Mercurialis annua L.
Examples are the polyploid Australian shrub Ptilotus obovatus, a polyploid complex including populations with distinctly different sex ratios (Kirby et al., 1987); the dioecious Iberian shrub Osyris quadripartita which exhibits dimorphism of morphological traits correlated with gender (Herrera, 1988); the Mediterranean Basin species Mercurialis annua with diploid dioecious populations and monoecious polyploid ones (Durand and Durand, 1985; Louis, 1989); and the Hawaiian endemic subshrub Schiedea globosa in which both environmental conditions and genetic constraints are involved in sexual lability (Sakai and Weller, 1991).