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Sur cette question les travaux en langue anglaise de Pamela Smith The body of Artisan: Art and experience in the scientific revolution (2004), permettent de mieux comprendre la question de la denomination du De Arte Gymnastica Mercurialis et le fond qui structure cette denomination.
Also to be found in the manuscript collection are lectures by Hieronymus Mercurialis and Hieronymus Capivacceus as taken down by their pupils, probably in Padua, during the sixteenth century.
En aquel contexto, Mercurialis publico su conocido tratado sobre la gimnasia (De arte gymnastica, 1569), una verdadera exaltacion del mundo gimnastico clasico y de sus juegos, que refuerza el prestigio de la medicina galenica en lo que concierne a la practica y ventajas del ejercicio fisico.
Mercurialis ambigua and Solanum luteum: two newly discovered natural hosts of Tomato yellow leaf curl geminivirus.
The work covers the specific issue of hygiene addressed by Mercurialis (1569) in De arte gymnastica.
Although references to the Olympic games and Olympia appear frequently in Byzantine literature, ostensibly for the first time in the work of the Florentine poet and statesman Mateo Palmieri and subsequently in the work of European humanists, including Virgilius Polydorus and Hieronymus Mercurialis, the games are first mentioned in western European literature in the work of French dramatist Robert Garnier, specifically in his tragedy, Cornelie.
Different guises find varied voices here, from the complex stanzas of Halsey's anagrammatic alter ego Ashley Hayles, whose "superstitions included a fear of waste paper," to the sparkling translations of the elusive third-century poet Mercurialis the Younger, a high comic satirist with a particularly acerbic edge.
lying like a dead corpse three or foure houres togither, and sometimes two or three whole dayes without sense, motion, breath, [external] heate, or any signe of life at all (like as wee see Snakes and other creatures to lie all the winter, as if they were dead, under the earth) insomuch as diverse errors have beene committed in laying foorth such for dead, which have afterwards been found to have life in them, and have risen up in their burials, whereupon there have beene laws enacted, as Mercurialis reporteth, that no woman which was subject to this disease should be buried until she had beene three dayes dead.
The ruderal Mercurialis annua is another dioecious species in which self-compatible bisexuality (monoecy) has evolved in regions where selection for reproductive assurance is highest (Pannell 1997a).
Communication Disorder in Renaissance Italy: An Unreported Case Analysis by Hieronymus Mercurialis (1530-1606).
Historical factors affecting the distribution of Mercurialis perennis in central Lincolnshire.
C Chamaephyte 2 mariana Juncus emmanuelis S Helophyte 2 Lavandula viridis S Chamaephyte 2 Limonium algarvense S Hemicryptophyte 2 Limonium ovalifolium S Chamaephyte 2 Loeflingia baetica S Terophyte 2 Malva hispanica S Chamaephyte 2 Marsilea batardae S Helophyte 2 Mercurialis reverchonii S Chamaephyte 2 Narcissus asturiensis N Geophyte 1B Nothobartsia asperrima NS Chamaephyte 2 Ononis broteriana NS Terophyte 2 Ononis cintrana S Terophyte 2 Otospermum glabrum S Terophyte 2 Paradisea lusitanica N Geophyte 1C Pistorinia hispanica NS Terophyte 1C Plantago monosperma N Chamaephyte 1C subsp.
Mixed genetic and environmental sex determination in an androdioecious population of Mercurialis annua.