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Golan-Goldhirsh, "A., DNA markers for gender: molecular evidence for gender dimorphism in dioecious Mercurialis annua L," Molecular Breeding, vol.
(*)Micrococca H W Immune mercurialis (L) Benth., boosting Kalyabakyala (NPK101) Fabiaeeae 21.
Ychydig ymhellach draw ac roedd dail cwlwm yr asgwrn (Mercurialis perennis; Dog's mercury) yn ei flodau ar hyd ac ar led y cloddiau.
Los resultados para sinantropia obtenidos de los indices numericos mostraron congruencia entre si; los tres indices (ID, II e IP) categorizan 12 especies como sinantropicas comunes: Tortolena glaucopis, Kukulcania hibernalis, Hogna antelucana, Pardosa mercurialis, Oecobius beatus, Pholcophora texana, Psilochorus redemptus, Phidippus audax, Plexippus paykulli, Scytodes fusca, Selenops mexicanus, Loxosceles devia, y Heteropoda venatoria.
Four species not previously recorded as introduced in Victoria were obtained--i.e., Mercurialis annua, L., Annual Dog's Mercury, Euphorbiaceae; a native of Europe and North Africa.
In Britain, the consumption of the flowers and seed heads of ancient woodland species, including oxlips Primula elatior, wood anemones Anemone nemorosa, dog's mercury Mercurialis perennis and herb paris Paris quadrifolia, particularly by the introduced reeves' muntjac Muntiacus reevesi and naturalised fallow deer Dama dama (Tabor 2004, Cooke 2006), suggests the potential for deer to improve dispersal distances by acting as vectors for dispersal-limited woodland plants.
Yma ac acw ar hyd Ln Llanffinan ac i gyfeiriad Pentraeth roedd blodau melynwyrdd, disylw dail cwlwm yr asgwrn (Mercurialis perennis; dog's mercury) yn tyfu ym mn y clawdd.
([dagger]) ([dagger]) The library's collection by this time contained hundreds of books and manuscripts that dated from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century; among them were works of Gesnerus, Mercurialis, Montagnana, Ryff, Leonicenus, Gersdorff, and the Bartholins (grandfather and grandson).
Aid Arnica Compress for strained muscles and bad bruises; Arnica Bump and Bruise Relief, perfect for the athlete with sore muscles or the person in need of comfort from the bumps, strains, sprains and bruises of life; Calendula Wound Cleanser, which helps heal minor cuts, scrapes and inflammation safely and naturally with the gentle cleansing, astringent action of calendula; as well as Mercurialis Wound Rescue to heal inflamed, infected or poorly healing wounds with the aid of natural anti-inflammatory mercurialis (dog's mercury).
Mercurialis ambigua and Solanum luteum: two newly discovered natural hosts of Tomato yellow leaf curl geminivirus.
compita, 25-26), where he was known by his nickname 'Mercury's man' (Mercurialis) because of his former winning streak in business.