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treat to strengthen and improve the luster


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Figures 5 and 6 display recycled paper fibres respectively before and after mercerization treatment, confirming the action of a superficial attack.
In mercerization process, fabric was treated with 30% solution of caustic soda was used for 60 sec under tension and then hot washed.
This allows it to maintain its structural integrity and makes it ideal for filter media papers, latex saturated products, mercerization, and diaper fluff.
Raw cloth may show bright white or black spots, which may be eliminated by the chemical processes of mercerization, bleaching, and dyeing.
The main chemical treatments used so far are: alkaline treatment or mercerization, silane treatment, acetylation, benzoylation, acrylation or acrylonitrile grafting, as well as maleated coupling agents [7],
The whole operation, from scouring to washing or rinsing and softening after bleaching, is carried out in one step on this machine and (in washing) washing and soaping of batch wise dyed wovens and knits (this procedure gives dramatic savings of water and steam, neutralization after mercerization, washing after cold pad-batch bleaching, washing and soaping after dyeing at pad-batch dyeing, washing after printing, including sensitive fabrics as Iycra/nylon, etc and washing of wool fabrics for desizing and scouring.
The production consists of desiring, scouring, bleaching, mercerization, dyeing and finishing [16].
In this paper sun screening properties of cotton (C) and polyester (poly(ethylene-terephtalate), PET) fabric after standard surface modifications--cotton mercerization and PET alkaline hydrolysis; and after treatment with zeolite nanoparticles and FWA's were investigated.
The weak lye is concentrated by evaporating the water and is then available for reuse in the mercerization process.
Various chemical treatments have been reported to improve the physicochemical performance of natural fibers such as mercerization, silane treatment, acetylation, benzoylation, plasma treatment, etc [22-25].
Coconut fibers are essentially constituted of cellulosic fibers [4, 5], The properties of cellulosic fibers can be modified through surface treatments, such as bleaching and mercerization, for posterior chemical modification and preparation of composites [6].
However, the effect of mercerization on the vegetable inclusions left in the yarn also results in changing the yarn structure and ultimately weakening the yarn.
0 microfibrils Treatments Mercerization Mercerization Mercerization Ingredients (a) NRM40 NRMB30 NRMS30 NRMH30 Natural rubber 100 100 100 100 ZnO 5.
Alkali treatment of natural fibers, also called mercerization, is the common method to produce high-quality fibers (Scheme 1) (64).