Mercator projection

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a map projection of the earth onto a cylinder

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Another problem with the Mercator projection is that objects around the equator are to scale, but objects closer to the poles appear larger than they really are to maintain uniformity.
latitude and longitude, the Mercator Projection map quickly starts to
The Space Oblique Mercator projection, the Conformal Space Projection (CSP) (Cheng 1996) and other space map projections have all been designed specifically for satellite imagery that is scanned around a nadir ground track, such as SPOT and Landsat imagery.
The Universal Transverse Mercator projection and grid system was adopted by the U.S.
The Facebook diagram, plotted onto some recent Mercator projection, perhaps a Google map, looks like the world inscribing itself by itself.
It's led to a swathe of road users who think a Mercator projection is financial advice.
Most nautical charts are constructed on the Mercator projection whose scale varies by approximately a factor of six from the equator to 80A[degrees] north or south.
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Just look at the Arctic Ocean on a globe, rather than in the familiar flat-earth Mercator projection. It is instantly obvious that the distance is the same whether shipping between Europe and East Asia crosses the Arctic Ocean by running along the Russia's Arctic coast (the Northeast Passage) or weaving between Canada's Arctic islands (the Northwest Passage).
For instance, a Mercator projection distorts the size and shape of land masses on Earth.
Danti adapted the recent 1569 Mercator projection and the maps of Giacomo Gastaldi not only to decorate the doors of cabinets in the Guardaroba to order the Medici collection of artificialia, naturalia, and exotica (131), she argues, but to stake "symbolic possession" of newly-mapped regions that resonated with Cosimo I's interest in elaborating his self-image by cosmic imagery.
I suggest that world maps with countries colored by some statistical feature often would be more useful if done on a cartogram that is a compromise between population and size of countries, rather than on a map with a simple Mercator projection ("A Better Distorted View:' SN: 8/28/04, p.
The Mercator projection has been the standard mapping projection for several centuries.
More to the point, especially considering the key factor of "distance," the choice of the common Mercator projection, with all its inherent north-south distortions, is unfortunate.