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Flemish geographer who lived in Germany

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Throughout the Mercator interludes one encounters references to the Easter season which serve, however tenuously, to link the comic goings-on with the Three Holy Women at the tomb.
In March, David Linthicum, a respected figure in the integration industry, and formerly CTO of integration vendor SAGA, was appointed as Mercator's new CTO.
"Receiving FDA marketing clearance for the Mercator catheter is another milestone in our strategic development of a fully integrated approach for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.
1670-1725) of Culter, Peterculter, Aberdeen, to Robert Harley, in which Cumming describes himself as 'the author of all those Mercators said to be writ from Scotland, and the procurer of the letters signed by the merchants there, approving of our conduct in relation to that bill'.
Nevertheless, the Mercator projection is useful for navigators, because a ship that travels in any constant compass direction moves in a straight line on the Mercator projection but in a curved line on any other type of projection.
Mercator said it has identified the solutions that are poised to kick-start the Closed-Loop gift card market back into high growth mode.
We selected Mercator because of their superior capabilities and proven results.
Duncan Alexander, Vice President, Sales and Market Development, Mercator said: "This is a great example of our ability to support IT infrastructure projects.
AoMigrating to a new standard can be highly complex in an organisation the size of the Emirates Group/Mercator,Ao said Patrick Naef, Divisional Senior VP, Emirates Group IT and head of Mercator said.
Global Banking News-11 November 2008-Hypo sets deadline for Mercator binding bids(C)2008 ENPublishing -
The World of Gerard Mercator by Andrew Taylor HarperCollins, hb, pp274, 16.99 [pounds sterling]
Ascential Software Corp has spent $106m cash to buy Mercator Software Inc, leapfrogging its great rival in the data integration market Informatica Corp to become market leader with annual revenue approaching $250m and 3,000 customers.
* Mercator: In use since the 1500s, the Mercator projection is popular with sailors.
The State of Illinois has selected integration software solutions provider Mercator Software Inc to supply its Healthcare Hub product.
The Dubai-based carrier has installed both the Mercator Airlines Control System (MACS) and the Mercator Airlines Reservation System (MARS) at the airport.