Mercalli scale

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a scale formerly used to describe the magnitude of an earthquake

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Similarly, homes and structures along the Ohio River, as far as 800 kilometers from the quakes' epicenters, suffered damage one or two classes higher on the Modified Mercalli scale than those located away from the river.
intensity of VIII on the Modified Mercalli Scale, felt from Nova Scotia
In nature, the Mercalli Scale measures the intensity of which natural phenomenon?
can be classified using the Mercalli scale? WHERE...
The intensity of which natural phenomenon can be measured on the Mercalli scale?
4 The Mercalli scale rates the effects - rather than the actual energy involved - of which phenomena?
The most commonly used measure of earthquake intensity is the Mercalli scale, developed in 1902 by Giuseppe Mercalli and modified in 1931, which scores a quake on a range from I ("People do not feel any Earth movement") through VI ("Everyone feels movement.
Earthquake intensity indicates the damage caused by a quake; it's measured on an index known as the Mercalli scale.