Mephitis macroura

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of Mexico and southernmost parts of southwestern United States

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Total de Fotografias Mammalia Didelphidae Didelphis virginiana 20 Mephitidae Mephitis macroura 1 Procyonidae Nasua narica 9 Procyon lotor 1 Cervidae Mazama temama 74 Odocoileus virginianus 43 Tayassuidae Dicotyles angulatus 17 Cuniculidae Cuniculus paca 80 Leporidae Sylvilagus floridanus 26 Aves Cracidae Crax rubra 222 Penelope purpurascens 4 Clase Familia IAR Total Patrones de Actividad Mammalia Didelphidae 2.
Mephitis macroura richardsoni Goodwin Hooded skunk, Zorro hediondo
Mephitis macroura is seemingly uncommon on the Cosiguina Peninsula as the KU field parties saw only a single individual, a young adult male, which was obtained on 1 March.
The hooded skunk, Mephitis macroura, in lowland northwestern Costa Rica.
Mephitis macroura, Desmodus rotundus, Artibeus intermedins, A.
Especies PNLCh TM Tlacuatzin caneseens X Leopardus pardalis X Herpailwus yaguawundi X Latina longicaudis X Mephitis macroura X Potos flavus X Balantiopteiyx plicata X Saccopteryx bilineala X Micronycteris microtis X Pteronatus partidla X Glossophaga morenol X Lcptonycteris yerbabuenac X Leptonycteris nivalis X Sturnira ludovici X Centuria senex X My otis fortidens X Cuadro 3.
The remaining seven species (Puma concolor, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Mustela frenata, Mephitis macroura, Spilogale putorius, Conepatus leuconotus, and Procyon lotor) have been taken in both the Nearctic and Neotropical regions.
Finally, seven species are widespread and in both regions: Puma concolor, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Mustela frenata, Spilogale putorius, Mephitis macroura, Conepatus leuconotus, and Procyon lotor.
nubilum, was necessary to use two methods; checking its scats there were found the following two records: Coyote, Canis latrans Say; Grey fox, Uriocyon cineroargentatus (Schreber); and by direct observations: hooded skunk, Mephitis macroura (Schreber); Mexican ground squirrel, Spermophilus mexicanus (Erxleben), and Spotted ground squirrel, S.
Mephitis macroura y Spilogale gracilis se identificaron unicamente mediante entrevistas.
sumichrasti Chupamiel Tamandua mexicana Comadreja Mustela frenata Conejo Sylvilagus floridanus Coyote Canis latrans Cuaqueche Dasyprocta mexicana Mapache Procyon lotor Martucha Potos flavus Tejon Nasua narica Tigrillo Leopardus wiedii Tlacuache Didelphis virginiana Tuza real Cuniculus paca Zorra Urocyon cinereoargenteus Zorrillo Mephitis macroura TOTAL HUATUSCO TEOCELO-COATEPEC No.