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showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

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This unpredictability of location heightened the audience's sense of unease--one never knew where Mephistopheles would appear next.
In Christopher Marlowe's classic play Doctor Faustus (1592), the title character asks Mephistopheles what a demon is doing in his study instead of in hell.
In Christopher Marlowe's classic play "Doctor Faustus" (1592), the title character asks Mephistopheles what a demon is doing in his study instead of in hell.
Focusing on 19th-century American women's fiction, she discusses myth, pathos formulae, and women's revisionist myth-making; Dionysian frenzies in Catharine Maria Sedgwick's A New-England Tale; the trials of Psyche: ancient mysteries in Lydia Maria Child's Philothea; Jason and the Sphinx: Elizabeth Stoddard's discrepant New England mythologies; Isiac womanhood in Elizabeth Stuart Phelp's The Story of Avis; and Galatea's sufferings in Louise May Alcott's A Modern Mephistopheles. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
He conjures up Lucifer's servant and intermediary, the devil Mephistopheles and in exchange for 24 years of luxury and unquestioning service from Mephistopheles, Faustus offers to give his soul to Lucifer.
LIMITED Lurpak tableware Q Could you please value my small Mephistopheles Devil Toby Jug, made by Royal Doulton and with verse underneath?
Adapted to Filipino by Rody Vera and directed by Jose Estrella, 'Faust' stars Neil Sese and Jack Yabut alternating as Faust, Paolo O'Hara and Mailes Kanapi as Mephistopheles, and Karen Gaerlan, understudied by Ina Azarcon-Bolivar, as Margarita.
But the future seems so distant for Faust when he conjures up Mephistopheles that the fall into eternal damnation is further away than the moon.
As Mephistopheles the bartender, Sam Amos portrayed the demon with subtle slither, whispering words of temptation and eventual destruction in Faust's ear.
In yDOB's production, tenors Erdem Erdoy-an and HE-seyin Likos take turns in the titular role of Doctor Faust, who makes a deal with the devil to retain his youth, while a rotating cast of bass singers Zafer ErdaE-, Tuncay Kurtoy-lu and GE[micro]khan E[pounds sterling]rben perform the part of Mephistopheles, the devil.
Faustus may tell Mephistopheles that he wants him "[t]o slay mine enemies and aid my friends" (1.3.98), but playgoers never see him ask the devil to do either, notably the latter.
The book's epigraph is a line from Goethe's Faust, uttered by Mephistopheles, the devil to whom Faust sells his soul.
The tale of temptation and devotion, lust and sacrifice is played out with this sort of sepia-tinted Gothic world, with the only flashes of colour being the scarlet lining to Mephistopheles' hat, for example, or the immoral Marthe's dress.
Sung in English, this dark Gothic tale follows the fortunes of Doctor Faust, who weary of life, is contemplating suicide when he encounters Mephistopheles (the Devil).
(1) Instead, he sends Mephistopheles off to a warmer climate to fetch them.