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Synonyms for Menyanthaceae

a dicotyledonous family of marsh plants of order Gentianales

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Familia representada en el Choco, Orinoquia, Caribe y ausente en las otras regiones: hay una familia Menyanthaceae, que representan el 0.
Menyanthaceae, Nymphoides, Flora de Colombia, plantas acuaticas.
Preliminary phylogenetic studies in the Menyanthaceae.
Clades and grades: an evaluation of generic circumscriptions in Menyanthaceae Dumort.
But superior ovaries have evolved in taxa of at least six families: Pittosporaceae, Escalloniaceae, Menyanthaceae, Goodeniaceae, Phellinaceae, and Campanulaceae.
in Apocynaceae, Boraginaceae, Cuscutaceae, Menyanthaceae, Hydrophyllaceae).
If included they would alter the picture only slightly; in fact, the only major change would be the addition of the Menyanthaceae to the Gentianales by a consensus majority of 61%.
Heywood (1974) makes a plea for establishing priorities in systematic research; the consensus model given here highlights families that should be targeted as priorities for detailed investigation using modern methods, namely, the Columelliaceae, Dialypetalanthaceae, Menyanthaceae, Oleaceae, and Salvadoraceae.
Here the Gentianales is composed of the Loganiaceae, Buddlejaceae, Rubiaceae (including Theligonaceae), Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Gentianaceae, and Menyanthaceae.
The Gentianaceae included the Menyanthaceae as the tribe Menyantheae.
The Gentianaceae included the Menyanthaceae as the subfamily Menyanthoideae (Gilg, 1895).
Note the isolated position of the Menyanthaceae, confirming its exclusion from the Gentianales and possibly the Solanales and Scrophulariales as well.
Families Excluded: Buddlejaceae, Carlemanniaceae, Columelliaceae, Convolvulaceae, Cuscutaceae, Dialypetalanthaceae, Menyanthaceae, Oleaceae, Retziaceae, and Salvadoraceae.