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Duncan joked: "'Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.' Damn it!
government--concerned that an infirm and mentally confused Henry Ford might drive the company he founded into the ground-even considered forcing the Dearborn automaker to merge with the old hand from South Bend, IN.
CRIPPLED by arthritis and mentally confused by super-strength pain killers,ageing film star Elizabeth Taylor has allegedly been demanding a little more than cucumber sandwiches from her 33 year old butler Jean-Luc Lacquement to while away the Los Angeles afternoons.
Now I'm mentally confused, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't think properly - why don't they just kill me and send my body home?' (Detained asylum seeker from Kosovo).
District Attorney Leo de Wit said the gunman, whom he described as "mentally confused, " shot himself twice in the head and was dead.
Rugby Mind relies heavily on volunteers to run two day centres and two outreach centres in Rugby to support members of the community who are experiencing emotional stress, finding it difficult to cope with everyday situations or have become mentally confused with age.
A facility or a distinct part of a facility for residents who are physically strong but mentally confused provides supportive care level B (assisted living).
Twelve wards were scheduled for closure before then with an average of just under 30 patients a ward - a total of more than 300, Huddersfield Health Authority was told.Mr Tony Keighley, assistant general manager, said the process of transferring patients into the community was continuing, and at the Holme Valley Memorial Hospital site there would be a 24-bed patient unit for elderly and mentally confused people.
O3 considered ``vulnerable, elderly mentally confused service users to be at serious risk of further abuse''.
District Attorney Leo de Wit said the gunman, whom he described as 'mentally confused,' shot himself twice in the head.
Armed with two guns and explosives, the man, described as "mentally confused" by police, seized control of Amsterdam's tallest building in a protest over the quality of Dutch manufacturer Philips' widescreen television.
I was mentally confused and I don't think I was aware of what I was doing.
At moderate levels, you or your family can get severe headaches, become dizzy, mentally confused, nauseated, or faint.
But for mentally confused Timothy John Evans, the simple boy from Merthyr, it all came 16 years too late.
Very few stroke patients are mentally confused, even though they can't express their thoughts.