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Synonyms for examination

Synonyms for examination

the act of examining carefully

a close or systematic study

a medical inquiry into a patient's state of health


a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

Synonyms for examination

a detailed inspection of your conscience (as done daily by Jesuits)

the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned

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Major neurocognitive impairment can be ruled out on account of unimpaired functioning and normal findings on imaging and mini mental status examination.
On the basis of Mental Status Examination, Formal assessment tools, symptoms reported by the client, hospital staff and family members, Mr.
Because the mental status examination is crucial to any physical assessment, it has been placed toward the front of the book.
The following tests were used to assess the cognitive function --Mini mental status examination (MMSE), Wechsler Memory Scale 4th edition (WMS-IV), Letter Digit Substitution Test (LDST), Digit Symbol Substitution Test.
Also, conduct a physical and mental status examination to gather information about comorbid conditions and to help with a differential diagnosis.
The infor-mal assessment (A- B-C chart, Mental Status Examination, categorizing the dis-tortions in thinking and subjective ratings) and formal assessment (Rotter's In-complete Sentence Blank, Beck Depression Inventory and Manifest Anxiety Scale) also confirmed the diagnosis of social phobia with the presence of de-pression as a secondary problem.
The goals of the book are to clarify diagnostic categories and terminology, improve recognition of psychiatric problems, demystify the mental status examination, and detail the proper use of psychiatric medications.
History taking should include age of onset of symptoms, medical history, school history, family psychiatric history, and a mental status examination.
Using a systematic process of differential diagnosis and integrating the mental status examination with history and teacher and parent reports, the family physician will be able to diagnose AD/HD with greater accuracy.
Although there are no widely accepted formal assessment instruments used for determining competency (Banja & Auerbach, 1989), the mental status examination typically utilized by physicians and psychiatrists is reported as being a useful framework for evaluating the cognitive dimensions that underlie competence (Searight, 1992).
Last, a diagnostic evaluation will include a mental status examination to determine if your speech or thought patterns or memory have been affected, as often happens in the case of a depressive or manic-depressive illness.
The mental status examination at the time of her first clinic visit found that she was conscious and oriented to time, place, and person.
Interview guide for evaluating DSM-III-R psychiatric disorders and the mental status examination.
Recognizing that its use as an initial screen has limitations and does not obviate the need for a skilled clinical assessment, including a thorough psychiatric history and mental status examination, following the identification of persons scoring in a "severe" range, the patient's primary physician or caseworker was informed of this test finding for appropriate follow-up action.