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Synonyms for mental

Synonyms for mental

relating to or performed by the mind

Synonyms for mental

involving the mind or an intellectual process


of or relating to the chin- or liplike structure in insects and certain mollusks

of or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw


affected by a disorder of the mind

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* Dehydration, especially on the day of the visit, can alter mental status in subtle ways.
Frequency and percentages was calculated for qualitative variables like mental status and mortality.
Subsequently, the average value of the mental status after the intervention was 245.3, which showed a moderate stress level and implied the mental status of the respondents had shifted into mild to moderate level.
So, we finally conclude that presence of hirsutism had a significant impact on the mental status of the patients which leads to anxiety and depression.
A 66-year-old female with a history of T2DM was brought to the emergency department by emergency medical services with a documented chief complaint of dehydration and altered mental status. Upon arrival, the patient was hypertensive (blood pressure 177/68 mmHg) and tachycardic (heart rate 111 beats per minute).
The patient received two consecutive sessions of hemodialysis, and his mental status returned to baseline within three days of hospital admission.
"My client should be presented before a medical committee specialised in mental illness to examine her behavior and mental status before the trial continues," the lawyer asked court.
CT of the head on admission was obtained due to the patient's altered mental status, and it showed no edema or signs of infarct at the time.
The ViSi Mobile System aligns with evidence demonstrating that the highest-specificity indicator for at-risk patients is a combination of heart rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure and change in mental status. The System captures all of these quantitative measurements, along with SpO2, pulse rate, and skin temperature.
Signs of trouble with metal-on-metal hip implants can be as subtle as mental status changes, and they go well beyond the traditional issues with worn-out artificial joints.
Tanrykulu reportedly inquired about the methods used to determine the mental status of these children.
11:51 a.m.: Campground Road, ambulance needed at Camp Woodhaven for a person with an altered mental status.
The 200-gram vest gathered various data, including the pilot's pulse, respiratory rate, muscle movement, body temperature and seating position, constantly relaying the information back to controllers for detailed, real-time assessments of the pilot's physical and mental status. Professor Zhuang Damin of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who studies the interaction of humans with computers, said authorities were encouraged by the vest's military performance and were interested in potential civilian applications.
They also assessed participants' mental functioning, using standard tests of episodic memory and mental status. The tests included recalling a list of 10 nouns immediately after seeing it and also after a time delay, and counting backwards from 100 by sevens.