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the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment

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(*) Suicide ideation, hospitalization for exacerbated mental pathology. Table 5.
Remove the mask of schizophrenic symptoms.") The advertisements perpetuated the sadly familiar equation of the so-called primitive with mental pathology. They also invoked the mask as the traditional face of alterity, exploiting its inherent capacity to make it possible for a viewer to be, and see as, the other for a while--similar deployments of the mask are plentiful throughout the history of European art.
In the first session, participants were told that I was interested in the different kinds of mental pathology experienced in our daily lives, and they were asked to report any mental pathology experiences they had undergone.
There are few tools in exact identification of mental health but MMPI-A is explored as perfect tools of mental pathology evaluation.
In 1853, writing in the Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology, Galt wrote that "To many patients, [reading] proves a source of agreeable feelings, during time which would otherwise be full of the tedium of ennui" [10].
--weighing up the diagnosis: opting for the diagnosis of an illness rather than of a mistaken adaptive response may lead to difficulties in his domestic situation; the man will start to feel less secure in his social role, and this will undoubtedly put him at risk of succumbing to a genuine mental pathology;