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Synonyms for pain

Synonyms for pain

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

one that makes another totally miserable by causing sharp pain and irritation


to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or discomfort

Synonyms for pain

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The concept of mental pain was the object of psychoanalytical inquiry since Freud published Hemmung, Symptom und Angst (Inhibition, Symptom and Anxiety) in 1926.
The fewer daily hardships parents felt their caregiving entailed (objective burden), and the less mental pain (subjective burden) they felt, the more instrumental and emotional support they reported receiving from their child (Table 3).
The court noted that in a similar case the Florida Supreme Court held that parents of a stillborn child could recover damages for mental pain and anguish cause by the negligence of another, even in the absence of evidence that the stillbirth caused any physical impact or injury to the mother.
4, 1997) (citing the requirement to call into question prior case law holding that the deliberate infliction of mental pain can violate the Eighth Amendment).
Vicky established her own practice in 2001, combining a variety of holistic treatments and methods which include individualized, concrete steps and practices to alleviate and release physical, emotional and mental pain.
The report also noted that civilians living in areas controlled by the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) around the Raqqa province were being systematically subjected to "severe physical or mental pain or suffering" which amounted to crimes against humanity.
A deadly attack on illegitimate targets amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment if, as in this case, it results in serious physical or mental pain and suffering for the innocent victims," Mendez said.
But if he was wracked with mental pain he didn't show it.
Everyone who has a heart will understand the amount of physical and mental pain I suffered while spending such a long time in prison despite being innocent.
Shekhar said: " He will now pay for all the hurt he caused my mother and the mental pain and agony we suffered all these years.
She said Kelvin was also going through a lot of mental pain because of the attack and the damage caused to his face.
For far too long his talent has been wasted as he has had to endure the physical and mental pain of careerthreatening knee injuries.
cruel or excessive physical or mental pain, to wit" to his lover's brother.
Pieske blames Giblin for the injuries, and is seeking to recoup $40,000 in noneconomic damages for "physical and mental pain and suffering," along with $6,040 in medical expenses and $2,947 in lost wages, the lawsuit states.
He fought - and continues to fight -over access to his daughter, has co-written the book A Promise To Ourselves about his struggles for her custody and has even coined a phrase, Parental Alienation Syndrome, which has become an accepted description for the kind of mental pain suffered by those in a similar situation.