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a recurring cycle (beginning at menarche and ending at menopause) in which the endometrial lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy

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The menstrual cycle involves the rise and fall of three key hormones: oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare knee laxity changes in the menstrual cycle in female athletes referred to the orthopedic clinic of Imam Khomeini hospital in the north of Iran, Sari, 2013.
Methodology:105 healthy premenopausal unmarried females of 18 -21 years with a history of previous three normal menstrual cycles and 32 age matched male volunteers were recruited in the study.
This study aimed to analyze the correlation between ocular parameters and serum estrogen level and to investigate the vision changes along with estrogen change in menstrual cycle of adolescent females.
As an estrogen-responsive angiogenic factor that varies throughout the menstrual cycle, VEGF may be important in both physiological and pathological angiogenesis of human endometrium (8).
General guidelines state that oligomenorrhea post menarche is likely to be a sign of anovulation if 1 year post menarche, less than four menstrual cycles; 2 years post menarche, less than six menstrual cycles; 3-5 years post menarche, less than eight menstrual cycles; and greater than 5 years post menarche, less than nine menstrual cycles.
Smoking 10 cigarettes or more each day can cause shorter menstrual cycles, say scientific studies.
Data Source: The study analyzed responses to a questionnaire about respiratory symptoms and menstrual cycles from 3,926 women with regular menstrual cycles, who were not taking any exogenous hormones.
All were interviewed to obtain an otologic history and information about their use of medications and their menstrual cycles. The history and findings on routine ENT examination (otoscopy) and pure-tone audiometry were within normal limits, and there were no impediments to OAE testing.
Although the influence of menstrual cycle hormones on exercise performance have been studied previously, the results remain controversial and the ventilatory responses to progressive intensity exercise have shown inconsistent results (21).
Gaskins and her colleagues analyzed data from 259 healthy, normally menstruating women, aged an average of 27 years, and who were followed for up to two menstrual cycles in the BioCycle Study.
Preferably, testing would have been completed during two or more menstrual cycles in order to provide evidence that the results were in fact representative of all follicular and all luteal phases of the menstrual cycle.
Other poster presentations at the meeting detailed the efficacy of rizatriptan administered early in the course of menstrual migraines and the safety and tolerability of frovatriptan taken prophylactically each month in women with regular menstrual cycles.
"We are currently recruiting right-handed heterosexual females with regular menstrual cycles who don't don't use the contraceptive pill, and who have no history of neurological or psychological illness.