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(Judaism) a candelabrum with seven branches used in ceremonies to symbolize the seven days of Creation

(Judaism) a candelabrum with nine branches

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The timing of the announcement coincides with the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, during which people light candles on a menorah for each night of the eight-day festival.
Throughout Illinois, Chabad will be presenting scores of Hanukkah events and celebrations, including public menorah lightings, giant menorahs made out of ice and Legos, menorah parades, latkes parties, giant dreidel houses, "Hanukkah Wonderlands" and more.
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Johnson said: "I've spoken to Philip and Menorah isn't going to run.
Its students persisted and constructed a wooden menorah in which each candle mount was painted in a different color, and inscribed, in Arabic and Hebrew, with the school's values--friendship, solidarity, equality, peace, human dignity, freedom, education and community.
Silviniaco Conti beat Menorah in the Betfair Chase at Haydock last month, but Hobbs believes a dry Christmas period will help Menorah, who is joined by 25-1 stablemate Wishfull Thinking in the 10-strong field, turn the tables.
Menorah already has a Charlie Hall Chase success under his belt this term and beating Silvianiaco Conte in the process.
This year's celebration brings added significance as Louisville joins thousands of communities worldwide in marking forty years since the first public menorah which was lit at the Liberty Bell in 1974.
A trio of cantors sang Hanukkah songs as a rabbi lit the giant menorah on the Ellipse outside the White House.
Cardiff United Synagogue's first annual menorah lighting will take place outside Manor House in Richmond Road on December 21 at 5.
MAGIC MENORAH romped home in Wetherby's Charlie Hall Chase to keep Philip Hobbs' golden autumn just rolling along.
Since 2002, Mary Ellen Bloodgood, LNHA, CASP and CEO of Menorah Park (the former Jewish Home), has continued to spearhead that expansion to serve the entire community that began more than 100 years ago.
the Chanukah Menorah - the traditional eight branch candelabrum.
PHILIP HOBBS has the option of running Menorah against leading Gold Cup contender Silviniaco Conti over three miles in Saturday's Grade 2 Betfair Denman Chase at Newbury, writes Richard Birch.
An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish boy lights candles on a large menorah on the third night of the holiday of Hanukkah, "The Festival of Lights," in Jerusalem Dec.