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Three acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (which have recently gained importance as potential drugs in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease) have been isolated from tubers of a Thai medicinal plant belonging to the Menispermaceae family, namely Stephania venosa.
Menispermaceae Roots Methanolic Streblus asper Lour.
It is therefore likely that laboratory analysis of AA on some of the involved species (see Table 5 above) belonging to families other than the Aristolochiaceae family (i.e., Lardizabalaceae, Menispermaceae and Ranunculaceae) might show positive activities, resulting from commercially obtained test samples that were not taxonomically authenticated.
Stephania Menispermaceae Doi pata, Flower japonica Aknadi (Thunb.) Miers Moringa Moringaceae Sajina Leaf oleifera Lam.
Tinospora cordifolia, a glabrous, climbing shrub of the family Menispermaceae, has been known in India as beneficial in treating a wide variety of diseases.
43 Stephania Menispermaceae Atmandi, Akandi japonica (Thunb.) Miers 44 Tinospora Menispermaceae Guloncho, tomentosa Padmaguruj Miers 45 Ficus Moraceae Ashwattha religiosa L.
Tinospora Menispermaceae Ghurachini, cordifolia Ghamchilota (Willd.) Hook.f.
30 Stephania Menispermaceae Money japonica moni (Thunb.) Miers 31 Tinospora Menispermaceae Gurain crispa (L.) cha Hook.f.
In this work, species were selected among the Annonaceae (Leboeuf et al., 1982), Menispermaceae (Thornber, 1970) and Siparunaceae (Leitao et al., 1999) families, which produce a wide range of isoquinoline alkaloids structures as benzylisoquinolines, bisbenzylisoquinolines, aporphines, proaporphines and oxoaporphines (Mahiou et al., 1994; Waechter et al., 1999).
cordifolia Miers (Menispermaceae; Whole plant; 300 mg), E.
Moore (Menispermaceae) as described previously (Kim et al., 1997).