Menippe mercenaria

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large edible crab of the southern coast of the United States (particularly Florida)

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We extend the definition of by catch to include blue crab and Florida stone crab (Menippe mercenaria), both live and dead, found in DCPs because the DCP catch is rendered unavailable to the fishery.
Morphology and muscle stress of chelae of temperate and tropical stone crabs Menippe mercenaria. J.
Analysis of stone crabs: Menippe mercenaria (Say), restricted, and a previously unrecognized species described (Decapoda: Xanthidae).
Because genotypic differences in reproduction related to hybridization between Menippe mercenaria and Menippe adina were expected to be minimal or absent and because the stone crab fishery is managed as a single taxonomic group in Florida, previous studies in this series (Gerhart & Bert 2008, Bert et al.
En Florida y Cuba el cangrejo moro Menippe mercenaria (Say, 1818) se encuentra sometido a fuertes presiones de pesca; sin embargo en el Caribe Mexicano se considera como un recurso subexplotado.
There appears to be a peninsular-Florida form (Menippe mercenaria) and a western-Gulf form (M.
1996) for taxonomic identification (Menippe mercenaria, Menippe adina, or a hybrid form).
The effects of temperature and salinity on survival and development of early life stage Florida stone crabs, Menippe mercenaria (Say).
Herbst, 1804) Ocypodoidea Menippe mercenaria Menippidae 20-40 ([dagger]) (Say, 1818) Xanthoidea Eurytium limosum Panopeidae 20-32 ([dagger]) (Say, 1818) Xanthoidea Panopeus herbstii Panopeidae 20-31 (H.
KEY WORDS: stone crab, Menippe mercenaria, fisheries management, benthic ecology, reproduction
Florida stone crab Menippe mercenaria was also relatively abundant in the zooplankton catch, and juveniles are commonly found on Southwest Florida oyster reefs.
Gravid female decapod crustaceans Menippe mercenaria (Say, 1818), P.