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These fisheries occur globally, including fisheries based on the crabs Menippe spp.
Stone crabs in this area are generally hybrids of Menippe mercenaria and Menippe adina (Bert 1985).
Studies of the life history of the stone crab, Menippe mercenaria (Say), in the Cedar Key area.
Major contributors to the reef diet included Menippe adina and Callinectes sapidus.
Sample Type Family Species Code Vegetation BOM Benthic organic BOM matter Cymodoceaceae Halodule wrightii HABE Poaceae Spartina SPAL alterniflora POM Particulate POM organic matter Ulvaceae Ulva lactuca ULLA Invertebrate Alpheidae Alpheus APHE heterochaelis Diogenidae Clibanarius CLVI vittatus Hippolytidae Tozeuma TOCA carolinense Menippidae Menippe adina MEAD Ostreidae Crassostrea CRV1 virginica Palaemonidae Palaemonetes PAVU vulgaris Porcellanidae Porcellanidae POSP spp.
The stone crab, Menippe adina, is associated with rock rubble jetties and oyster reefs in northern Gulf of Mexico estuaries.
The establishment of low profile artificial reefs composed of limestone gravel and/or oyster shell in coastal waters of Mississippi provided the opportunity to study the seasonal occurrence, abundance, and recruitment of three species of xanthid crabs (Eurypanopeus depressus, Panopeus simpsoni, and Menippe adina) associated with these structures.
Zoea 100,291 251 Menippe mercenaria Zoea 8,831 102 Megalopa 2 1 Rhithropanopeus harrisii Zoea 298,376 188 Fishes Eucinostomus spp.
Life history characteristics of Menippe adina in coastal Mississippi waters.
infection in Callinectes sapidus from the eastern United States (Newman & Johnson 1975), the parasite has been reported from the spider crab, Libinia emarginata, the stone crab, Menippe mercinaria, the lesser blue crab, Callineetes similis, the xanthid crab, Neopanope sayi, the portunid crab, Ovalipes ocellatus, and cancer crabs, Cancer irroratus and C.
Histopathology and prevalence of the parasitic dinoflagellate Hematodinium sp, in crabs (Callinectes sapidus, Callinectes similes, Neopanope sayi, Libinia emarginata, Menippe mercenaria) from a Georgia estuary.
The xanthid crabs Menippe mercenaria (Menzel & Hopkins 1956) and Panopeus herbstii (Bisker & Castagna 1987, Meyer 1994) feed extensively on oysters, and reef-resident fishes such as naked goby (Gobiosoma bosc), skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus) and striped blenny (Chasmodes bosquianus) feed on commensal invertebrates (Breitburg 1999).
Along with these species, the stone crab Menippe mercenaria and the shrimp Penaeus sp.
Species Common Name Decapods Alpheus heterochaelis Bigclaw snapping shrimp Eurypanopeus depressus Flatback mud crab Libinia dubia Longnose spider crab Menippe mercenaria Florida stone crab Palaemonetes sp.
prytherchi is the stone crab Menippe mercenaria (Sprague 1949) which were also found at the Caloosahatchee sites sampled (Volety et al.